Once upon a time, I started this blog to stay in touch and connected with family and friends that lived out of state. I wanted to share our family updates, and pictures of our growing family. I probably had two followers...one being my mom. All of a sudden, this blogging business became my favorite hobby, and my little slice of the internet became something much larger than I had anticipated! Now I find myself documenting every piece of my amazing and crazy life, and I love it. I love sharing our family news, showing off my girls (my pride and joy), sharing with others all the crazy activities I do to keep the kids happy and entertained, and sharing any knowledge, wisdom, or unsolicited advice that I have gained from motherhood! Thanks so much for reading it, and connecting with me! :)


I am a mama, a wifey, a blog and pinning obsessed, sometimes teacher, grad student, Christmas fanatic, crafter wannabe, bookworm, foodie, bargain shopper, who drinks a lot of coffee, tries not to swear so much, runner, who is always trying to deepen my faith and relationship with God, and is always, always, sleep deprived. {I win for longest run on sentence ever! ;)}


Joey is an amazing daddy, and my best friend. He's a total music whiz, hockey enthusiast, artistic (drummer AND dancer), homebody, with a terrible shopping problem (does one need a matching baseball cap for every pair of athletic shoes? Apparently.) and coffee addiction. He is the only one who really knows my crazy, but still loves me anyways. For that I'll always be grateful that I have him beside me as we navigate through life.

When our worlds collided: 2004 we met, 2005 we started dating.
When our worlds combined: 2009 we got married.
When our world changed: 2011 we had a daughter, Noelle.
When our family grew another flower: 2014 we had second daughter, Halle.


This is my 3 going on 13 year old. She is the ultimate sass pants and princess. Totally high maintenance, type A, OCD preschooler. So in other words, my mini. LOL. She made me a mom (the best job I've ever had), and changed my heart forever.


This is our little tot, who is all sweetheart and chunky rolls. She makes us laugh until our faces hurt. Definitely my sunshine. She completes our family in every way.
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