January 3, 2017

Phone Video Dump! '16

Here are some last few moments caught on my phone in the last couple months before the end of the year!! I don't think anyone is interested but my mom, haha, but they are here for your viewing pleasure. Obviously, they are all of the kiddos. What else do moms take videos of, right?

Here my youtube sensation Noelle. Lol. She is not really a youtube sensation, I just joke about it because she LOVES making videos and she talks just like the people in those videos. ("Leave a comment!" or "Okay let's get started." LOL
Halle enjoying some of the Christmas d├ęcor.
Jenga with Halle!
More Jenga! I just think she's so good at it for being 2, lol.
Attitude problems.
Dancing superheros!
Shopping with my Target partner in crime.
Halle and her baby, CeCe.
Playing and singing together. (No moms allowed though.)
More videos and posts to come!!


  1. Oh my gosh, where does the "look at her butt," come from?? Hudson says the same thing!! They are so cute!

    1. Heather, I think the real question is why in the world are you online at 12:10 AM?!? LOL!!!

  2. I think that was the night I was at a birth so my brain was on late ;)


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