July 31, 2017

Noelle's Preschool Graduation

My first born is all finished with preschool and on her way to kindergarten!! So unbelievable! Here are pictures from that day!

 With her little friends, Alice and Emma.

With Grace!

So excited to see big sister "graduate."

Getting her "diploma."

So sweet!

 So proud and excited for our little squirt!

American Girl Store Visit

Of course, we have gone to the AG a million times, but we have never dined at the cafe until this past spring! The girls and I had a special day there together during my spring break. The girls took their sweet dolls, Cece (yes Halle named her bitty baby after her baby cousin, lol) and Violet (Noelle's Truly Me doll that looks just like her). We had such a magical mommy/daughters day.

Here are a couple snaps of Noelle with Violet, before we left for the AG store! 

Noelle just loves Violet, and I love that she named her that! So cute. 

We had so much fun! We cannot wait for more sweet memories made there!

All Things Dance - Spring '17

Here is a massive photo dump from all things related to dance this past Spring!

My sweeties at dance!

Waiting patiently while big sister is in her class!

Noelle and her friend Amaya watching their little sisters, Halle and Amari, through the window!

Halle getting bribed by her teacher Miss Angela with M&Ms to smile during dance pictures, haha.

High fives for Halle backstage at the recital!

CONFIDENCE at the dance competition!

All ready for dress rehearsal!

Different day, same costumes! On the way to round 2 of dance pictures!

Recital time with big cousins, Ellie and Vivi!

Post recital with her teddy bear.

At pictures - SOOO CUTE!!

Ice cream post recital!

 Noelle at dance with her dance friends, Chloe and Amaya!

Cheering on friends and family at the competition!

With their trophies after the recital! So sweet!

 It was a great season! Noelle did so well this year, and really got better. Halle had a GREAT first year and loved dance!! She seems to be more natural too, so we will see what next year brings!

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