December 23, 2016

Super Halle!

Here is a much needed update on my little love bug, Halle!! She is 2.5 years old now and everyday she gets smarter and funnier! Gosh she's a blast. Her current obsession is DC Superhero Girls! What gives! I am not really one of those moms...I'm such a girl mom. I'm all about American Girl Dolls, Disney Princesses, and glitter. However Halle LOVES superheroes! We don't even watch that show, but she knows all the superhero names, and loves them. She says things like, "Let's save the world!!!" and "Let's fly!!!" She zooms around the house trying to catch "bad guys." How does she even know?!?! It's so cute though. I have to indulge her own little personality!

Here she is dressed as Super Girl, haha. Oh man. This looks like a Halloween costume to me, but she wears it all over the place. Oy!

This is her Bat Girl nightgown that she also wears as a normal every day outfit, haha.

She said, "I'm Hawk Girl!!!" 

Although she loves super heros, she also LOVES her Bitty Baby. She currently is in love with her baby cousin Cece. Grandma Sue is babysitting Cece and Halle a couple days a week so they are together. Halle loves to help take care of Cece, so it was only natural, and not surprising when she named her Bitty Baby Cece! It was so cute. She never even liked baby dolls until Cece came along. Now she is always tending to her doll and feeding her. So sweet.

Play-Doh is still a favorite!

Wonder Woman!

My little shopping buddy! Man, I love this kid. She loves Target just as much as her mom. She will actually ASK to go to Target. Oh man. I have created a monster! Hahaha. Park? No. Playground? No. Target? YES YES YES.

Why is she so cute.

Being silly. 

My little heart!

She is rocking dance this year!!! For her first year, you would never know. She is probably the youngest kid in her class (some are as old as 4!!) but she knows her dances, the moves, and follows all the directions!

Her first braid, haha!

Our good friends the Calhouns have been helping us out and watching Halle for us one day a week. It's a great way for Halle to be social and play with someone other than Noelle! She loves getting to have her own playdates with Emma and Mason!

 Her and Mason have become the best of friends!

 They are 6 months apart, but get along well. They play together, talk to each other, and probably think they are cousins! They have known each other since birth and see each other weekly, so I think their bond will only get tighter! So cute.

Drawing together.

Enjoying her books all by herself, haha. She didn't know that I was taking her picture! Don't you love how she is "reading?" She loves all things Beauty and the Beast! Just like her mama! That used to be my favorite as a child! 

Jenga baby! She's actually super good at it, haha.

She loves sitting and standing on the coffee table. 

Love you my little bug!!!! You are the best little 2 year old in the world!!

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