December 23, 2016

Santa Baby! '16

The girls and I went to see good ol' Santa Claus over Thanksgiving break! We went nice and early to beat the crowds and boy am I glad we did! We were the only people there, no lines, no waiting. I guess even a few weeks ago, to see the same Santa, my friends waited for almost 2 hours! TWO HOURS. No way jose. We went out and get er done. I always cringe when I get these done because it's so expensive, and usually not a very good pic, and this year was no exception. Dare I say this might be our worst Santa picture, lol, but oh well! Tradition lives on!

SO cute! I am in love with these ensembles. Although Halle is wearing a 3T I made her get into this 2T dress because I couldn't get enough of it, lol. One of my faves.

The sweetest sisters.

Do you notice how happy Halle is in all these pictures? If only she stayed this happy!

This is mere moments before we met Mr. Claus...

Oh how everything went downhill. Haha. Noelle loved every moment. She's finally at the age where she gets who Santa is and she loved seeing him. She talked to him for quite some time and did not hesitate to climb on his lap. Halle? Not so much. She freaked out. If she was going to freak out, I wish she had full on cried! At least it would have made a better picture, haha. Oh well!!

 Here the cuties are having some lunch! Halle is back to her happy self. That little turd!

Playing at the mall. Mommy's favorite...hahaha. #germcentral

Of course, here, Halle is all smiles!!

No matter how awful our Santa picture turns out, I'll never not get one. I love bringing the kids to Santa and I just know Halle will love him soon enough, just like Noelle!

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