December 23, 2016

Noelle, the 5 Year Old

Oh my goodness. Once upon a time I was super good at updating my blog. Then one day my laptop went DEAD. Yes, my precious MacBook finally took it's last breath. I went to the Apple Store and long and behold my 7 year old laptop was no longer able to be revived. Did I purchase a new one? No. I decided to save my money for Christmas and haven't been able to update since. Haha. Now that I am on break from school I finally am able to sit down with Joey's computer and do a very, VERY overdue blogging session! 

First up? Noelle!! Last time I posted my baby girl just had her birthday party, and was on the edge of turning 5! I can't believe it! She's 5 now!! 5 seems SO old!!

 On the morning of her birthday!! Cutie pie.

She is HUGE on arts and crafts right now. She loves to color, create, and scrapbook! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?

Grandma Tuyet sent Noelle some $$$ which we took to Target for some Trolls stuff!!

Thanks grandma and grandpa!!

 The reason for the Trolls loot? Because we went and saw Trolls for Noelle's birthday! Oh man. What a great movie! And even Halle went! It was her first movie in theaters and she did awesome! She stayed in her seat the whole time!

"Mom, can I scrapbook?"

Another current obsession? American Girl! What a fun phase!

My happy little Poppy!

 Playing school with all her dolls...and troll, haha.

 She also got a Rainbow Loom set from her cousin Ellie. Uh. This is so complex. I can't even help her, haha. 

 She loves it. She will watch youtube videos and try to make bracelets, however mommy said no. Haha. I have since put it away and said she can't have it until she is 6. There were binders ALL OVER MY HOUSE, and NO bracelets!

 With her good friends Grace and Emma!

Dairy Queen date!

Too much fun.

A fall day with Emma!

Noelle and Emma on Wacky day at school!

How awesome that not only do these girls have dance in common, but now Emma goes to Noelle's school too? What a fun year for Noelle!

 So much posing.

She loves her daddy! She enjoys watching Bruce Lee movies with him. (????)

Silly girl.

All 3 of them sitting here watching some Bruce Lee kung fu movie...mommy was confused. Haha. See Halle? Haha!!

Noelle at it again! And Halle is like, don't touch me.

Other favorites:
Baking! Cooking! She loves to help! Youtube...she loves watching tutorials and toy reviews and now conducts them! She used to never want me to video tape her and now she asks me to! Haha. Oh geez! She also LOVES school this year! 

She can count to 100, she knows almost all her capital letters, she can write her full name, her sister's name, and a slew of easy words. She can sound out words. She is on her 3rd year of dance, and she loves gymnastics!

When I have another moment I will post her year 5 birthday interview! Oh how I love those!!
More soon! (Lots of blogging to continue!)

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