November 1, 2016

A Wagner Halloween! 2016

 In true Wagner fashion, we celebrated Halloween all month long! Just like last year, we did trick or treating at Grandma Libby's nursing home, went to the Larkin Halloween party, and also trick or treated at the mall. This was the first year we went to Rosedale mall instead of Har Mar, which proved to be CRAZY!! The Teddy Bear Band was playing, and there was probably 400 kids there, but it was fun! We were pretty gung-ho on going outside this year for the first time, but it was rainy and cold!! We ended up at the mall, which turned out fine, (actually perfect for little Halle) but we look forward to starting the tradition of trick or treating outdoors next year! Here are some of our pictures from celebrating Halloween this year!!
Little Emma and Noelle as Monster High characters, Frankie Stein and Draculaura before going trick or treating at Grandma Libby's!

A lot of sass in small packages!

Love these little ghoulfriends!

Mama's Minnie!!

All ready!


They came up with this pose all by themselves! Hilarious! They were all squished and I said, someone can sit in the front?! Then Noelle plops down there with that pose, and the others followed suit. It's so easy to tell which kids go to dance class! LOL

Getting use out of that photo booth!

At Grandma Libby's with cousins, Harrison and Lucy! Look at all those crazy people photo bombing in the mirror, haha.

Cousins with Grandma Libby! Yes, there's little Cecily too! As an octopus! Cuteness overload.

Seriously, so cute.


Look at our loot!

Here was my costume, for work! Yes, I'm Robin!
With my teammates at work! Super teachers!

My little Minnie, because I can't get enough of her cuteness.

Before going to the Larkin Halloween party!

Before we left, we had to get a group selfie! Love that selfie stick!
Larkin party fun!
The ladies!
After the party, when mama's makeup is all off and she's looking tired, but Halle is still fresh as a daisy! Haha.
When mama says you can't have anymore candy.
This is what it looks like to have a Halloween crash! (Aftermath of the Larkin party, haha.)
At the mall on actual Halloween!

This was when Halle and Mason decided to switch suckers (that they were already sucking on, haha). Oh man.

Fancy dinner at the mall!
Oh my little Frankie.
A different day, a different costume. My sweet Belle.
Noelle's dance class!
Princess Rapunzel all ready for dance class!
Halle's class!
Supergirl and super princess! Super divas!
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! We did! We had so much fun, like we do every year! Love Halloween! Already excited to see what my little boogers end up being in the years to come!
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