October 25, 2016

Pumpkin Patch Time!! 2016

A couple weekends ago we went to our favorite pumpkin patch, Country Sun Farm! We go there every year and we often go more than once! Sometimes we have been known to go 3-4 times! It's just such a nice pumpkin patch, with enough for the kids to do without having to leave the area. The kids love it, and continue to love it more and more each year. Here are some pictures from the day!
In the corn pit - always a hit.

Posing with Emma! Halle wasn't interested in sitting in the big chair.

This kid LOVED the corn pit AND the slide!

About one of the only times I'll let them get cotton candy! It's just so much sugar, so messy and sticky, but of course Noelle can never get enough. Halle settles for mini donuts. :)

Noelle and Emma posing, because they are the sassiest preschoolers on this side of the twin cities.

Every year they ride this silly little coin ride over and over. Whatever floats their boat! #cheapthrills

Love my girls so much!!


Jumping for joy in the bouncy house. This is the FIRST time Noelle has ever gone in one and LIKED it. I haven't been able to get this kid to enter one of these at any carnivals, birthday parties, or at Eagle's Nest! So ridic!


Can you start to tell which pictures were taken on a real camera and which were taken on my cell phone? Haha.


After they picked out their pumpkins we went back to the Calhoun's to paint the pumpkins, eat chili, and have some Moscow Mules!


All that pumpkin patching can be tiring! They all settled down and watched Cinderella!

And that sums up our awesome day at the pumpkin patch! So glad we were able to catch it on such a beautiful, and relatively warm day! Happy Fall!

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