October 23, 2016

October Photo Dump!

Here's one of those posts....where I just upload and dump a bunch of pictures from my phone, lol. Mostly just for my mom. ;) Enjoy the little snap shots of our life this past month!

My sweeties before heading off to dance class! They both go on Wednesday nights, and it's been great!

Dance babes. They are both doing so well this year!

Halle LOVES dance class! She's probably one out of two kids in the whole class that wears diapers still, haha, but she is owning it! She is 2.5 yrs old in a 3-4 year old class, but whatever. She's a natural. ;)

Noelle and best friend forever, Emma playing outside. We are so lucky because they have moved into our neighborhood, so now they get to play all the time!

Who doesn't wake up and decide to just be fabulous that day!?

Also, fabulous at night.

Trader Joe's = lots and lots of stickers.

Play-Doh heaven.

Playing in the new animal zoo! Aka stuffed animal storage! This used to be Noelle's dress up closet, but we decided something had to be done about those dang stuffed animals!

The kids LOVE playing in it too!! Here's Halle with her buddy Mason.

Sleeping Beauty.

At a birthday party with mama!

Looking CRAZY after a babe! Geesh! Look at that Albert Einstein hair!

Different day, same litte friends. And mommy's beer. HAHA.

So much fun.

Side eye game strong.

On the way to pick up Noelle from preschool! So sweet, and excited!! She misses her sister so much during the day!

I had to. Too cute.

Current obsession: Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

My other princess, Cinderella!

Sisters! <3

Noelle and I went to little Cullen's 1st Birthday party!

All dressed up at Target with Emma!

Joey and I off to Michael and Sarah's wedding!

Little friends with their American Girl dolls. What a fun phase!!

Being neighbors is awesome!!! And Emma starts her first week at Noelle's preschool this week too!! Too much fun.

This kid rocks my world!

After the pumpkin patch and painting pumpkins with friends!

Just posing for the camera, what a ham!

Those are just a few of the pictures that I have to show from our lives lately! More coming soon!! I've been trying hard to update this weekend since teacher's in my district had a long weekend! Woot woot. More soon! :) 

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