October 31, 2016

Dance - Fall '16!

Dance has been a blast for my two little boogers!! This fall we have both of them in dance, and they have been doing SO good!! Check out these #larkinbabies!

We decided against doing competition this year for Noelle, and decided to let her start next year when she starts Kindergarten. This was already a big year for her starting full day school all week, and doing gymnastics. We didn't want to overwhelm her. We thought she was physically ready, but not mentally. Just so much for a (almost) 5 year old!
Halle is in her first recital year and she is rocking it. She absolutely loves dance and is excelling. We think she's doing awesome because she's never been in a class or activity alone before. She usually tags along with her big sister or does a mommy and me style class. This is her first time where she can go into a classroom alone, and get lots of attention from her teachers, make her own friends, and do her own thing. She is doing so good!

Halle is the one in front (our) right. Yes, she looks really small. Because she is! She is probably one of the youngest in the class, but oh well! She owns it!

Hugs after class!

And kisses!
A video of Halle in class, through the window, so it's awful LOL.
Another video of Halle. In the front, in the long sleeve leotard. Man, does she look little, haha.
Noelle rocking and rolling in her 4-5 year old class!
Dance is just going awesome. We made the right decision for Noelle and she is so, so happy. She is having so much fun and doing well without her normal friends in her class. Halle is also doing great, and LOVES Miss Melanie and Miss Kimberley! We are so happy that our girls have had these awesome teachers throughout their "dance careers." Noelle is on her 3rd year of recital dance with Miss Melanie and Halle's loving her first. Can't wait to see how the year goes!

Happy Halloween! - Decor Edition '16

Happy Halloween everyone! I will be sure to post pictures later this week of our family actually trick or treating, but until then you will have to settle for pictures of our Halloween décor this year! I was so excited to decorate this year since we have a real porch and not just steps this year! Here is a little glimpse into how I got our house spooky ready for the season!

A look at the front porch. Not the BEST picture, but you get an idea!
I love how the drapes turned out!

I love my hanging skeletons! Can you believe my girls weren't scared at all, and instead thought the décor was "cute?!" Totally my kids.

Definitely a witch. And definitely monsters. LOL

Love my bats from the Dollar Spot at Target! Last year I made my bats by hand with construction paper, so this year I was so excited to see pre-packaged bats at the store! So affordable and easy! And cute!

I put up A LOT of webs at the house! Here they are on the way into the playroom. The kids love/d it! I think it's cute too, but I'm not going to lie. I'm excited to take them down after tonight!

Love glitter and glam Halloween décor!

My mantle is my fave!! Love the little specks of glitter scattered throughout!

Don't mind the kids, the mess, or the laundry basket, haha.

The haunted house flower pot is usually on the coffee table, but the kids had their Shopkins all over the table, haha.
Usually it's on the table, and I think it's kind of cute!!

Yes, I even decorate the bathrooms.

Don't forget the mirrors! I love my "blood" splatters! Noelle helped me put them up!
Not as clear of pictures, but more closeups of my mantle!

Love my light up skull heads!

Kitchen table centerpiece.

Glitter spiders! Can you tell I'm a fan of glitter?

That's a glimpse into our spooky house!! Can't wait to share more pictures later this week of the kids trick or treating! (As if they haven't had enough! We've already gone to three Halloween events, and the kids each have 2 FULL buckets of candy! Whew!) Happy Halloween everyone!!

October 28, 2016

Noelle's Fangtastic 5th Birthday Party!

My sweet buttercup, Noelle turns 5 years old (can you believe that!? 5 already!) in a week, but we decided to have her birthday party last weekend! She started asking for a Monster High themed party months ago, and I thought it would be fun to combine Monster High and Halloween! We used the opportunity to have her Monster High party, AND a Halloween party - it was appropriately called a Monster (High) Bash! It was too perfect.
She dressed up as her favorite character, Frankie Stein!

I made her this coffin photo booth, which was a big hit!

My little Frankie!

I got her and her ghoulfriends a Monster High head to play with during the party! Who would have known that little Amery, who is normally ALL boy, was the one that loved this the most! Hah!

Surprise!!!!! Noelle's birthday present from mom and dad was this huge Monster High Deadluxe School! We set it up before the party so her friends could play with it during the party! She loved it so much, she screamed!! She hugged it and said it was the best present ever. :)

I served some Slimy Salad (Caesar salad), Bloody Ziti (baked ziti), Bats and Cobwebs Pasta (alfredo bow tie pasta), and Garlic Vampire Stakes (garlic bread).

We also had Trolls Toenails and Guts (chips and salsa), Zombie Boogers (green popcorn), Pumpkin Eyeballs (cheeseballs) and Dead Meat (meat and cheese tray). It was fun to get creative with the names!

I made her cake this year! That was a first! It was a purple, pink, and black marbled cake with buttercream frosting. She loved it!

Then for the cupcakes, I made Devil's Food Cake! Yum yum.
I LOVE making one of these for each birthday! I'm keeping all of them and compiling them into a book!

We had everyone vote for best adult and kid costume. Aja won the adult contest, which resulted in a $10 Gift card to Total Wine, lol, and Emma won for kid! She got a new Monster High doll. :) Both of them were dressed up as Wonder Woman. :)

"Fangs for coming to my Birthday, Love Noelle!"

Princess Belle!

We were a tad disappointed because Halle had picked out a Draculaura costume at the store, and we were so excited for the girls to be dressed up as Monster High characters at the themed party, but on the day Halle BEGGED to wear her Belle dress! Agh! Oh well. She's a princess, so what do you expect?


The kids had so much fun playing outside!

It was such a special day for Noelle to share with all her friends!

So excited, opening up Charlotte's gift!

A new Frankie doll!

A Monster High makeup case!

Sweet friends.

Myla's turn!


Now onto Evan and Amery's presents!

They both said they wanted to marry Noelle when they grow up, haha.

Cecily and Poppy!





Two Belles!

I had coloring sheets, a fashion center to create Monster High clothes, a pumpkin and skull head painting station, and of course, just playing and running around!

Noelle had the best time ever, and said it was the best day and birthday she's ever had!! Anything for my babe!!
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