September 26, 2016

Noelle's First Day of Pre-K! 16-17

My sweet, sweet Noelle started Pre-K this year, and she's doing AWESOME. Like, phenomenal. If you talked to me last year, I would have sadly told you how each morning was a dreaded disaster and Noelle never wanted to get ready for preschool. She would cry, beg to not go, or say she was sick! My little girl has matured so much in just one year and now LOVES school. She is on week 3 now and she's asking for school even on the weekends! Here are some pictures from our sweetheart's first day of school!

So ready!

Her cute new Rainbow Dash backpack!

First day of school stats:
4.5 years old
38 pounds
42 inches
Loves to play with play-doh.
Favorite colors are pink and purple.
Mrs. Sarah is her teacher.
Wants to be a gymnast when she grows up.
Favorite book is Monster High. (There is no such book. LOL. Did she confuse this with TV show?! Haha. Whatever.)

Getting on the bus. For whatever reason THIS is the best picture we got. Lol. She's not even in it, but you have a nice view of Joey's back! Hah.

Like a boss!

My sweetheart all ready to go!

:) My heart melts. 

Hope for more fun school pictures soon! 

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