September 26, 2016

Noelle's First Day of Pre-K! 16-17

My sweet, sweet Noelle started Pre-K this year, and she's doing AWESOME. Like, phenomenal. If you talked to me last year, I would have sadly told you how each morning was a dreaded disaster and Noelle never wanted to get ready for preschool. She would cry, beg to not go, or say she was sick! My little girl has matured so much in just one year and now LOVES school. She is on week 3 now and she's asking for school even on the weekends! Here are some pictures from our sweetheart's first day of school!

So ready!

Her cute new Rainbow Dash backpack!

First day of school stats:
4.5 years old
38 pounds
42 inches
Loves to play with play-doh.
Favorite colors are pink and purple.
Mrs. Sarah is her teacher.
Wants to be a gymnast when she grows up.
Favorite book is Monster High. (There is no such book. LOL. Did she confuse this with TV show?! Haha. Whatever.)

Getting on the bus. For whatever reason THIS is the best picture we got. Lol. She's not even in it, but you have a nice view of Joey's back! Hah.

Like a boss!

My sweetheart all ready to go!

:) My heart melts. 

Hope for more fun school pictures soon! 

September 24, 2016

Last Bits of Summer Fun!

Some random pictures from our last week of summer! 

Before we went and got fresh new hair cuts together!

Labor Day BBQ at the Blisses!

Starting gymnastics with Myla!

Face tattoos!

Playdate with Kyra! Just being girls and doing each other's hair!

Noelle and Kyra, doing their thing!

Summer went fast, and was fun, but looking forward to an even more fun school year!!!

State Fair '16

With the busyness of life, I never got around to sharing some snap shots from our trip to the State Fair on Labor Day Weekend! So here they are! 

The girls and I went alone the Friday before Labor Day weekend and it was so fun! It was just the three of us, and we had a blast just spending time together before school started!

SO happy!

Fried pickles for Miss Halle!

Double, triple, dipping the fried pickles in ranch!! Yummm.

Good time had by all! Can't wait to keep the tradition alive and go again next year!

September 11, 2016

Summertime Sadness! (Because It's Over!)

Oh how sad that summer is over! The last month has been a huge cluster of playdates, trips and outings to parks and pools, and spending lots of time together! Here's a look at what we did this past month! 
**Warning: Obscene amount of pictures coming up!**

Here's Halle girl at Lifetime pool! We had a blast there one day, when we stayed there for close to 3 hours. Girls played, mama tanned, it was pretty much a win-win for everyone. 

My little fishy.


It was quite a big deal that Noelle was in the water!! She usually doesn't enjoy swimming.

I don't know who that little boy was, but he sure liked playing with Noelle! Haha.

We also went to the Roseville wading pool, which is one of our faves. We picnicked at the pool, then swam. Halle is such a fish, and Noelle is getting so much braver with the water!


Ponies at the pool!

Towel drying off!

An American Girl store trip with the girlies! Noelle and Emma are both completely in love with these dolls and both have their hearts set on getting their first real AG dolls this year for their birthdays!! (Emma's is in Sept, and Noelle in Nov.)

Noelle and I went for a mommy/daughter spa date this month! That was so fun. She loves getting pampered!

She was thought she was pretty cool. :)

Diva picked out a sour apple color, lol.

Noelle and Hailey on their last day together this summer! Hailey is actually starting Kindergarten and will actually be at the school I'm working at, so I'll still see her!

The girls LOVE going for bike rides in the trailer! We've been biking up to get ice cream, just like last summer!

Fun at the library! We love Roseville Library, since they have this awesome outdoor reading area.

My little learner! She loves nonfiction! Here she was asking me about the signs outside the library that explained where rainwater goes!

We also braved the Crayola Experience, which I kind of wish we had braved sooner during the summer! It was PACKED. I mean, there was literally a whole daycare chain there on the day we went, lol. It was pretty chaotic and we waited close to 25 minutes just to make a crayon for the kids that was the size of my thumbnail. 

I wouldn't say no to going there again though, and I couldn't beat that teachers get in free, and all the teacher's guests get 50% off. That was definitely nice!! Here's Noelle and Emma coloring together.

Scribbling around!

Halle <3 Mason

Little Halle having lots of fun! 

Noelle entertaining little Mason!

A solo coffee date with this love bug while Noelle was at August dance camp!


A trip to Como Zoo with Hailey! This was fun! Noelle has almost gotten more hesitant and cautious as she gets older because she has more of an idea what to be fearful of, so she wasn't very excited to go see "scary" and "dangerous" animals, but she had a great time, which meant we all did!

Halle's first acknowledged zoo trip!! (Meaning the first time she went to the zoo she was too little to remember!)

Another swim day!

Ella came over one day! It was so nice and refreshing for Halle to have a friend over! All the big girls call her "baby" and she often gets left out! Poor thing!

Noelle also spent a huge chunk of time at dance (of course)! Here's a sweet shot of her and bestie Emma leaving dance camp!

Enjoying some ice cream, at our favorite place, Raz's!

Mommy fun time! With my friends Aja and Kalynn!

The whole crew! #6pack

Hanging out at home making forts and being silly!

Evening bike strolls!!

Our sweet new niece Cecily was born!

Matching cousins! 

Samantha and Noelle enjoying cake at Grandma Ethel's 92nd birthday!

Noelle and I went to go see the Monster High movie alone! It was a super fun mommy/daughter date to end summer!

Hope everyone had a great summer! Although we were busy, we had a good one!!! Here's to a new (school) year and we can't wait for next summer!

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