August 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday August '16!

I have not linked up with WUW in so long, and I'm excited to do so!! Some of my faves, Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer  host it every last Wednesday of the month, as a way for everyone to share a little about their past month! So here it is, since August and Summer is about to end!!

What we're eating this week:
Did anyone catch my Friday Faves last week? We've been eating lots of Trader Joe's because I have been laaaazy with meals!! It's the last week of summer and I've been doing in service for school all week!! Ain't nobody got time for that! Although I wish I did! I want to get Shay's new book, and dig into that! I was eating paleo for a while, and was feeling really reenergized and losing some of that summer weight, so I need to get back to that real fast!


What I'm reminiscing about:
My sis and bro in law had their baby last Saturday (our new niece Cecily!!) so I'm reminiscing about my babies! Noelle is back to school next week and Halle is 2.5 years old in a month! What!? Where did the time go? 

Brand spanking new, Baby Cecily!!



What I'm loving:
All the Halloween stuff that is already out in stores. I know, I know. People just want to murder me when I say that because it's not even September yet, but come on! Do people really not enjoy Halloween? I love it! I love that Target already has their Dollar Spot full of Halloween stuff, and Dollar Tree: OMG. It's like Halloween heaven there!! I love it. I've already stocked up on new pumpkin decor, and some other "classy" Hallo stuff. LOVE!

What we've been up to:
Me: SCHOOL! The last two weeks I've already had some of my first teacher meetings, and work shops, and this week has been tons of preparing, planning, and emailing. So much school stuff!! I'll be teaching Kindergarten Intervention and Specialist this fall, so it's so much to get ready!
Joey: He's been busy with his usual work!
Noelle: Summer dance is finally complete, and she finished her last gymnastics class of the summer last week! Getting in some down time before the start of another school year!
Halle: Being cute mostly.

We picnicked at the pool one day before swimming! I'll post more pictures from our summer soon!

A trip to the American Girl store with Emma!

We did have a mommy/daughter pedi/mani salon date!

Another pool day at Lifetime!

Bike rides!

Fun at the library! Trying to get in all our summer things before it's over!

A trip to the Crayola Experience at Mall of America.

Ice cream!

Mommy/daughter date to see "Welcome to Monster High!"

What I'm dreading:
This weekend. Is that bad? I know it's Labor Day weekend and we should relax but I have SO MUCH TO DO before school starts!! There's so much to finish up with the house, chores, shopping, preparing before I go back to work and Noelle starts school! It's crazy how long my to do list is!

What I'm working on:
School stuff, a command center for at home, getting pictures up around the house (still!) to make it cozier, and putting away summer clothes and unpacking fall clothes!

What I'm excited about:
So much. Noelle starting school, dance, and gymnastics. Halle starting her first recital year dance class. Me teaching kiddos next week! Halloween. Fall. Noelle's birthday party. 

What I'm watching/reading:
Definitely not watching anything but I'm reading a lot! I'm juggling between some books, mostly non-fiction because I don't really have any time to "fun" read right now. Here's what I'm poking in and out of:

Well. You know. 

Another fun read, lol.

Haha. No worries. No big problems in paradise. Just always good to be keeping your marriage strong and healthy!

What I'm listening to:
A couple of faves currently:

Kill 'Em with Kindness! (Yes! Total motto.)

I'm not a huge Meghan Trainor gal, but this song is so fun and uplifting! Great work out song.

Oh jam. Love this.

What I'm wearing:
Now that the teachers have been back in school, I have had to bid farewell to my yoga pants, and tanks (so sad) and put on "real" clothes. It's been rough, not going to lie, lol, but also nice to have more reasons to look like I'm over age 18 LOL. I have not taken ANY pictures of my outfits, but will start to, to share what I think is "cute teacher duds." 

What I'm doing this weekend:
100 things across the board from folding baskets and baskets of laundry, to getting my hair cut. It's all about being productive this weekend!! We also have one BBQ party to go to on Sunday to celebrate the end of summer with our friends.

This past month Joey and I went out on a triple date with our faves, (Aja and Cal, Kalynn and Kyle) and we will be hanging out with them again this weekend!

What I'm looking forward to next month:
A paycheck - lol, my birthday, and being one month closer to Halloween/Noelle's birthday!!

I'll be posting more soon to close out this summer!! (Aka a huge picture dump post is coming at y'all, lol.) Hope everyone has a wonderful FIRST DAY OF SEPTEMBER TOMORROW!!!! (Can't believe August is over!) 

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