August 4, 2016

July '16 Photo Dump!

We had such a good July! It was so busy! It started off with our big move, since we moved over the 4th of July weekend. After that the fun and chaos didn't stop. (It never does! Whenever I reread my blog or past posts I notice all I ever say is how busy we've been!!) Here are some pictures that captured what we did this past month!

Summer girls!

At the beach enjoying Dilly Bars with our friends! Halle, Kyra in the back, Hailey, Noelle, and Emma!

Halle really enjoying that DQ on that hot, hot day!

"What? This isn't normal?"

Skyping with Grandma in Texas!

My hip hop freestyler.

Following in her sister's footsteps. So. Much. Dancing.

Lots of gymnastics for these two buddies!

More beach time!

Out for bagels with mama while Noelle is at Art Camp! Noelle did Art Camp this year, and we loved it. She couldn't get enough, so we know that we will be signing her up again next summer! She actually asked to go back already! Hah!

Yummy carbs!

Out for dinner to celebrate one of my best friends, Heather's 30th Birthday!

Heather knows how to turn 30 in style. We started off at the pool and cabana at Dellwood Country Club, went out for pedicures, had dinner, went to a Paint Pub, and then ended the night at the bar! Whew! This mama was exhausted! Almost all of us were moms, so almost all of us fell asleep at the bar, haha!!

Enjoying living in a cul-de-sac now!

She keeps on insisting that she dress herself, so she is definitely rocking some interesting outfits. A lot of days it is usually really fancy church dresses to go to the park, lol. Of course when we actually ARE going to church, she dresses herself in athletic shorts and knee socks. :/

My little pony lover!

My big pony lover!

Having a sleepover with big cousin Ava!

With the cousins at Nik and Erin's baby shower!

Enjoying summer.

My sweet, sweet babies!!

Already ready for school. Had to tell her that it's still a few weeks away, haha.

My beautiful girl.

This is the "Really, mom, another picture?" face.

Playing dress up with Hailey!

Halle is getting so big! She loves brushing her teeth! We always want to help her because she can't reach the backs of her teeth but it's always, "No! Me do it me self!"

At Lifetime pool with bestie Emma!

With Charlotte, Emma, and Hailey (and Halle and Kyra who aren't pictured) at the mall on a rainy July day!

Fell asleep with cousin Vivi in the car! Of course they woke up when we got home and were ready to party all night! Cousin sleepovers are exhausting (for this mama)!

Halle having a playdate coloring with her buddy Mason!

Oh, big news! I interviewed and got a teaching job at the Kindergarten Center at Mounds View!! My DREAM JOB!! Hard work does pay off, and prayers do get answered. So blessed for this opportunity and can't wait to see where it takes me! 

Mason and Halle fell asleep at dance, while waiting for their older sisters to get out of ballet camp!

Another shot of my baby sleeping. I had to capture it because she seriously is growing up so fast. I need to take more pictures of her at this age. So sweet and chubby. Love her so much.

So proud of my love bug!! Noelle rocked Ballet Camp. Oh. Em. Gee. It was so exhausting. It was EVERY DAY for 2 weeks. And of course at lunch/nap time. Noelle stretched so much though and practiced so much that now she's as flexible as a pretzel, hah! She is doing so well. I'm so proud of her.

Cutie pie mcgee. She loves dinosaurs! Here she is with Dorothy the Dinosaur and Barney!

Another dance pic! Here's Noelle and her classmates (yes, buddies Emma and Kyra are in there) practicing their skipping!

We had a play date one night at the house which resulted in lots of adult juice, lots of pizza, lots of toys, and lots of Peppa the Pig on the telly! Lol. Here's Halle, Mason, Noelle, Emma, and Kyra enjoying snacks and all crowded on the mini furniture.

Just chilling.

We also went over one night to my former nanny household to visit! We love that family! We BBQed and the kids played! I also spent lots of time loving on Evan and Amery! Love them so!

Playing hard!

Here's an old picture of the three of them from Noelle's 2nd birthday! Oh my goodness, that's almost 3 years ago! I was about 3 months pregnant with Halle. I would end up nannying those boys until I was about 8 months pregnant!

Halle at the indoor playground!

Emma and Noelle! <3 

Kalyan, Aja, and I out for patio drinks, dinner, and a movie night without kids or hubbies! We went and saw "Bad Moms!" How appropriate, right!?

Another dance pic, because I can't get enough of this little dancer.

The last day of ballet camp!

Painting with friends!

It's been a busy, friend-filled, fun-filled, interview-filled, July!! Hoping then next month is just as fun, but hopefully a little bit more relaxed! (Doubtful! Lol.)

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