August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites: Our August Cabin Trip

So for this edition of Friday Favorites with Erika, Narci, and Andrea, I've decided to share about our trip from last weekend!! We decided to take a little trip to the cabin since we hadn't gone in so long (a year for the girls and Joey, and over 2 years for me)! We went up with Don and Sue, a handful of the grandkids, and had room for 2 more families. We decided to invite our friends The Calhouns and The Blisses. We went up on a Thursday afternoon and came back Sunday evening. It was a nice getaway from civilian life and the city for a few days, although I won't lie, I was so happy when we returned! There's no place like home! Here are some of my favorite moments from the weekend!

The girls piled into the backseat!

The car ride was actually quite peaceful. I thought the girls  were going to be so loud and crazy, but they actually all quietly sat, ate snacks, and watched Peppa Pig.

First morning at the cabin! So excited for their 3 day sleepover! Whew.

Halle and Mason are future besties, or future crushes, lol. They do everything together, hug, and ask for each other all the time.

Dressed and ready for the day!

Captain America.

The screen house was transformed into a toy haven!

"Bad moms!" Yes, totally cocktails at 10 am.

My favorite picture of my love!

She's definitely our "cabin" girl. She LOVES nature, the outside, doesn't mind getting dirty, and loves to swim! Quite the opposite of Noelle!

Kyra is quite the sass muffin!

We tried for Charlie's Angels but it was easier said than done, haha.

Day 1 was pretty cloudy and actually poured rain midday, so that was a little stinky!

Kalynn getting her baby fix.

Lily pad time!

There was no way Noelle was going out there. Haha.

Jenga time!

Ava pile!

Throwing rocks with the big girls!

Mason and Ava became friends...almost, haha.

Salon De Aja.

So much Peppa Pig.

Love those Kylie Jenner braids, haha!

4 Wheeler rides!

Waiting patiently for their turn to ride the 4 wheeler!

Gracie took the babes out!

Noelle wouldn't go with anyone but Ellie!

Don and Halle.

Love these girls.

4 Wheelin' girls!

Fun in the sun!

Dad bods!

Everyone got a kick out of the lily pad!

Grandma Sue. Always spoiling with those darn treats!

My sweetie.

A lot of sass in a small package!

His knee is still recovering but he's doing good!

Uncle Nik made an appearance for one day!

Sleepy sleepy!


Another game of Jenga.

Ellie put Halle to sleep!

Cousin love.

Passed out for hours!

Taking Ava out!

Batman made an appearance, haha.

Parker helping the kids get rocks to throw, so sweet.

Noelle going on her first ever jet ski ride!

Like a boss!

She loved it! She ended up going on it again, and went around the lake with Joey for over 15 minutes!

I'm so proud of her!

Also proud of this one, for all the swimming!! She loved it!

Halle LOVES the water!

Popcorn and Inside Out!

Ready for a boat ride!

Booze cruise!

Playing Simon Says on the boat!

It was a great weekend! We are hoping to be able to do this again next summer!! We're glad to have friends that we jive with so well, whose kids are also close with ours!

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