August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites: My Trader Joe's Fridge Must-Haves

My favorite place in the whole world is Target. Hands down. Where else can I spend all my money on food, clothes, and home decor in one place?! But following really close behind Target is TRADER JOE'S!! I love Trader Joe's. Not just for their affordable produce, or wider range of healthy selections, but for their delicious frozen meals and variety of tasty frozen veggies! They have everything my heart desires. This Friday for the Friday Faves link up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea, I'm sharing my list of favorites at Trader Joe's that we have at the house ALL THE TIME. They are definitely my must-haves.


I love these. They are so easy to make with a small dash of soy sauce. Yum!

OMG. These are SOOOO good. I have to limit how much I eat of them because although they are VERY lightly battered, the are still battered, and if I don't watch it I could eat the whole bag for a meal, by myself.

This might be my favorite thing ever though! It literally tastes like white rice! I use it instead of rice whenever I can. I've been craving it so badly, and currently eating paleo, so I wish so badly that I could get my hands on some bags, but unfortunately our Trader Joe's has been out of stock the 3 last times I've gone to get some. Waaaah, so sad!

Another delish side. I love how easy Trader Joe's makes my life. I don't even have to slice veggies up and marinate them anymore, you guys. I just buy this and dump it in a pan and heat it up. 

Such a yummy side!!


Where else can you get a bag of seafood for under $8? Wowza, what a deal. And I love seafood!!

Just a must have. Can't go wrong with chicken!

Okay, you guys are going to get grossed out but I almost eat one of these sausages every single day for lunch. They are all natural, there is no casing on them, they are gluten free, and also paleo/whole30 friendly. They also happen to come in a gazillion flavors. (Roasted garlic, spicy Italian, apple chardonnay, tomato basil, spicy jalapeƱo, and way more that I can't even think of. So you get the idea.) I mince it sometimes and eat them in lettuce leaves for lettuce wraps, or I slice them and stir fry them with veggies, or I just eat a spicy one with a big side of sauerkraut. You could also slice them up and throw them in with pasta. The possibilities are endless. Why are they so good!?

These are just so good, you can't believe they came from a bag.

Frozen meals:

This isn't one of the healthiest options at TJ (or really any of these frozen meals) but they are still a better option if you are going to use a frozen meal. Joey and I usually have this on hand all the time, because it's tasty and easy. I haven't been eating any because I'm currently not having grains, but I can vouch that it's yummy!

I looooove the asian stuff at Trader Joe's! (Trader Ming's, lol.) It's SO good and taste SO much like take out Chinese food! My problem is that they aren't that good for you because naturally, the sauces are full of sugar. Even if it's natural, I don't want to put all that in my body, so what I do is just use half the packet of sauce that comes with each of the frozen meal bags. Sometimes there's even 2 pouches of sauce in a bag!! I always use half of what they give me. If I am serving this for other people then I will heat up the extra sauce and put it in a bowl for anyone who wants extra sauce.

Joey and my favorite chicken at TJ! Mandarin Orange Chicken. SO good. And since my kid are picky eaters I just bake these in the oven and serve the sauce on the side, so the kids can just dip the chicken into ketchup instead, lol. Two meals in one! ;)

These scallion pancakes are the bomb. I love them for a light snack when I'm craving something savory or I'll make 2 for a lunch by myself. Currently in my fridge, but currently not on my paleo diet. Can't wait to eat this again, yummy.


It's not SUPER healthy but a better alternative than the Annie's version, that's usually deemed as the healthier choice of dressings. 

I'm obsessed with their sushi. 1.) It is so fresh! I am so impressed how good it is every time I've had it! As if someone just made the roll that morning and they haven't been sitting there! Unlike store bought sushi, from say Target, that tastes rubbery and old. 2.) It's so affordable! Why is it that target's sushi is $8, but the same version at TJ is $4? 3.) It's so good. Like, so good.

This coffee is so good, and smells amazing. Again, so fresh! Each time we open one up the smell is intoxicating.

TJ has tons of super good tasting dips and sauces and that meals pop. I use super insanely small amounts and it seems to be enough! I love dipping the Korean ribs in this sauce! YUM!


Halle's favorite cookie!! And they are super low calorie, so I like to have a handful of them too, with coffee!

Ugh. These chips are ah-mazing. I love them with some chunky salsa.

Yummy kid friendly snack.

Always stocked in our pantry.

This salsa is so good! It reminds me of the authentic stuff at Mexican restaurants! We put them on everything: egg bakes, rice, nachos, tacos, scrambled eggs...

Kids love these, and I love that they are organic and better than fruit snacks.

Again, one for the kids! We call them Pop-Tarts at my house, but don't tell them about the real stuff, okay?!


For a while I was vegan so I wasn't having any dairy. This was my go-to ice cream. I like it so much, that even now that I am not vegan anymore, I still eat it! It's just so, so good, and tastes exactly like dairy!

This is Joey's fave ice cream!! And I agree, it's delish if you are a coffee lover!

These are so yummy!!! We love the ones at Big Bowl, but these are almost even better!

These are the softest, most moist gluten free cupcakes I've ever tried. They are SO good. 

Well, that's my list of our must haves! Hope everyone has a great weekend! And eat something delicious!!

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