July 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesdays! - Wagner Home Tour!

I am so excited about this Show and Tell Tuesday!! Because 1) I haven't linked up in forever, and freaking love Show and Tell Tuesday with momfessional's Andrea! 2) What an appropriate post because we just moved and can't wait to share our new home!!

So I started to share our home a little bit in the past couple weeks with pictures of our new living room, and Noelle's "big girl" room. I have yet to reveal anything else (not even to my mom! She's in TX so I did a quick tour via Skype - didn't really do any justice), so I'm excited to share! Keep in mind that we only moved about 2 weeks ago so our house isn't "up to par" yet, but I've got a good start! So let's begin!!

Welcome to The Wagners' Nest!!

Come on in!

Right when you enter! You can go to the left (playroom), upstairs, or to the right which you lead you to the dining room/kitchen/living room! Let's go to the living room first!

Living Room

This is my favorite room in the whole house! It represents me the most! I'm very rustic, eclectic, and a little boho and I think it falls together nicely in this room!!

 The room lets in so much light! It's awesome! 

Joey's little corner with his desk and computer!

Our gazelle head that Noelle named Violet resides over the desk, always looking over us, haha.

Noelle begged me to buy Violet, and I had to add on a little flower wreath to make Violet more feminine, lol.

Mirror mirror on the wall...

A variety of thrift store, Target, Gordman's, and Hobby Lobby. ;) (Aka all my favorite places!)

That stool has my heart.

This is totally a record player! We have been playing some old school jams, like The Beatles to the girls on this bad boy!

See that room peeking out on the left? That's the dining room! Let's go there next!


I took some of these pictures at night, and some during the day! So you will just have to bear with me! Here is what our dining room looks like at night!

Love my table and benches! My kids do so much better on benches than on chairs for some reason!?

I could not wait to have a house with a fireplace and mantel! So many future decor ideas brewing in my brain!

Joey gets the bookcases to the right of the fireplace...

and I get the bookcases to the left! And yes, that's a picture of young Joey! Haha. Too cute not to display.

What it looks like in the daylight...and occupied!

The view of the living room from the dining room!

Now, unto the messy kitchen! Week, I did not prep for this picture! lol


I absolutely LOVE this rug that Joey's grandma made back in the 1970s! It's like a heirloom and still in great condition! We dry cleaned it and it held up great!

I mean, this is the truth right? Lol. My life motto. ;) My good friend Kalynn gave this to me as a housewarming gift. Love it.

I love the small counter space that we have that can still fit two bar stools! Makes it so nice when I'm just on my laptop or having a quick snack.

Coffee station: necessity.

Friendly reminder. Also a necessity.

Lower Level Bathroom

Right off the kitchen and dining room is the lower level bathroom. Nothing fancy but thought I'd show it anyways.


Oh boy. Here is pretty much the biggest room in the house, and of course we gave it to the girls. This room is a work in progress (I'm redoing the walls by creating a gallery wall and going to get a big expedite shelving system) but it's alright for now. The girls LOVE this room, and so do their friends! We've already hosted many playdates in this room in the short time we've lived in this house! 

The art table. A popular and messy spot!

We like big books and we cannot lie.

A miniature arm chair and miniature love seat! Haha. Adorbs.

Oh yes. They get their own TV with DVD player so that mommy and daddy can finally watch their own shows!!!

Let's go upstairs!

Right at the top of the stairs to the left, right in between both girls rooms are their 1st year pictures! :)

Noelle's Room

Noelle is almost 5 now so she had to upgrade to a "big girl" room. That translates to a Monster High room. We are totally out of the soft pinks, sugar and spice and everything nice, princess phase. We are a full on ghoul-friend now!

I usually cannot stand character bedding, but you "gotta give the people what they want!" (Yes, that was a total Cleo De Nile from Monster High reference, lol!)

Shhh mom, don't tell Noelle I was in her room!! - Halle
Speaking of Halle, let's go see her room!

Halle's Room

My little muffin wanted a My Little Pony room! This is a definite work in progress, but it's coming along!

It's so cheerful and colorful, just like Halle!

A bed for all her stuffed ponies!

Girls' Bathroom

My spoiled little princesses get their own little girly bathroom! I'm not a huge fan of the blue walls (can you tell the previous owners had an obsession with blue - there's a different shade of blue in every room!) but I'm in no mood or motivated to redo any of the walls as of yet, so I'm making it work!

Master Bedroom

I am NOT excited to show our bedroom. It's the last room on our to do list (isn't that how it goes in a new house, you do all the other rooms first!) and we haven't really had time! I try to remember we've only been in the house for a little over 2 weeks so I shouldn't have a complete master bedroom, but it's hard when people want to see it! There will be a painting over the bed and some wall scones with candles!

What a mess! Here is my really sad looking desk area...definitely in the market for something new!

Don't mind Joey's boxes of clothes! We are totally still living out of boxes!

This will eventually go above the bed whenever we get to it!


Let's move on before I get anxiety, lol...

Master Bath

Nothing fancy! Actually the girls bathroom is nicer than ours! LOL! They have a jacuzzi whirlpool bathtub...while we have a normal bathtub! Cracks us up, but that's ok!

Our really, really unorganized, unready, mess of a closet! But I am so loving this walk-in! It's at least 2x bigger than our last closet!


Let's go to the basement! Joey's mom and step-dad are living down in the basement with us for the year, so what you will see is their space! I try not to bother them so I didn't snap too many pictures, just enough for you to get a jist!

Once they move out this will be party central! Haha. And by party I mean, toys probably. And maybe a future indoor trampoline?!


Let's go check out the backyard!

More yard than we will ever need!

So much gardening and weeding to do! But worth it. We love this yard!

We also have a little garden! It's a little late this summer but next year we will plant some veggies with the girls!

Here are other unimportant or significant pictures (that I think my mom will want to see, lol):

The front door/entry way.

You can see a glimpse of our mudroom/laundry room, which you enter through the garage door.

Mudroom/laundry room.

I am SO happy to get to share my house with you! It's so fun to see other people's houses, and so fun to get to share. Happy reading today bloggers! I love Show and Tell Tuesdays!! Thanks Andrea for hosting such a fun link up!


  1. Your yard is amazing! I love how big it is. Also, you home is beautiful! I love the playroom, and your walk-in closet! I love your home. Thanks for sharing!


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