July 18, 2016

Miss Halle Update -- 27 Months

Because my blog is basically my online journal and my kids' baby books I have to take a moment to capture all things Halle before I forget it all!! Little miss has been SO busy talking up a storm, melting our hearts, and making us cry with laughter. I don't want to forget a single thing!

Nicknames: We call her a few nicknames, and she even prefers some of them! She will say, "I'm not Halle, I'm ______." These include: Bunny Foo Foo, Pinkie Pie, Bubba Chumps, and Boo boo.

Language: She is talking so much! Noteworthy phrases have to be: "Noelle mean!" "Me do it." "No, I don't like it." "Thank you mama." "No thank you." "Where is it?" "Cheese, please." She has the sweetest little baby accent but can almost say anything. She likes to mimic us and Noelle as well, so she often will echo us.


Activities: Halle is loving puzzles! And she's so good at them! She also likes to sort. She can sort by color, and also random objects. For example the other day she was sitting at the kitcehn table with me and started sorting all the forks, spoons, and knives! It was crazy, she just put them all into sorted piles. She just loves to do that kind of stuff! She also loves to color, do art, do play doh, and play with little figures. She is a lot like Noelle in that way - she likes to play with My Little Ponies, and dolls. She also loves YouTube kids, which is embarrassing, haha. 

Skills: Kiddo impresses us on the daily! She can count to 15, she knows all her colors, shapes, and pretends to read. She also is 70% potty trained. All on her own! She started telling us when she had to go potty and was usually right. She 100% poops on the potty now - we haven't changed a poopy diaper in MONTHS. She is only about half/half on pee. I would say it's 70% because she always tells us when she needs to poop, and she also tells us when she has to pee, but usually by the time we get to the potty she has already peed. We are just happy that she can tell and is able to voice it! She can recognize at least 20 animals, household objects, and different vehicles, lol. 

Big girl status: Since we moved (about two weeks ago) she has been sleeping in her big girl bed! No more crib for this sweetheart! She now is okay with baths again. There was a period where she refused to go in the tub. That time is over! She now will go in, but isn't too keen on getting her hair washed! She is now wearing 2T-3T (I know, so big), size 6 shoes, weighs about 10 lbs less than Noelle, and has all her teeth but her molars.

Personality: She is super independent. She wants to do everything by herself, and she hates to hear no. She likes to walk on her own, which means going through a store takes a very long time. Although she can also be rather clingy when she's tired or nervous about a situation, which means the opposite: she will refuse to walk. That also gets old, lol. She is like Noelle in the sense that she is very cautious, careful, observant, serious, and shy. However, she is her own person because she is willing to try more things, do things first (although carefully), and she is more adventerous. She also is much, much messier than Noelle, haha. She doesn't care about being clean at all.

Favorites: Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Dora, Equestria Girls, reading tons and tons of books, singing "Let It Go," MLP Equestria Girls songs, and Monster High songs, playing with Magic Clips, and playing with Play Doh. She also loves watching play doh videos on YouTube.

We love our little independent sweet babe!!

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