July 18, 2016

How To: Throw a Vintage Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower!

Over the weekend my sister in laws and I threw a baby shower for our other sister in law, Erin. We decided to go with a Vintage Nursery Rhyme theme, because that reflects Erin's style. She doesn't like the typical baby shower themes - no baby pinks, little cute animals, or anything like that. We split up the responsibilities between the 4 of us, and I did decorations. Here are my how tos on the decorations that I made for the party!

First off I had to figure out what kind of decorations I wanted. I could have gone the easy route and just bought a party package online but decided to take a DIY approach because that's just me. I like to plan parties and make my ideas come to life. I found an AWESOME vintage nursery rhyme book that had over 100 pages in it and decided to base the whole party off of that book.

Here is the book. I LOVE it. We have another book by Gyo Fujikawa called "10 Little Babies" and my kids love it. The illustrations are so beautiful!

Here is our kitchen table full of my party stuff, lol.

I tore ALL the pages out of the book binder and used the book to make rosettes, a banner, a wreath, and more. Details and pictures below.

Here are the rosettes!

What you need to do is use 3 pages, folding them accordion style, then staple them together to form a circle! Cut the rectangle pages into squares for smaller rosettes!

As you can see it looks awesome with the book pages!

So. Much. Stuff. Don't mind those string cheese wrappers either.

I also found this book, "Happy Hour Stories" from 1946 that I also used for the party. I thought the cover was SO cute (Happy Hour stories? Uh yes.) so I framed the front slip cover. I also then framed some of the classic or favorite nursery rhymes with white frames from Target.

For the wreath I used a big plate to outline a circle on cardboard, then using pages from the book I made a bunch of cones. Basically you take a page from the book, roll it up from one corner to the other (not from the top to bottom, but from diagonal corners), stable the bottom, then hot glue it in a circle around the cardboard circle!

It ended up looking SO awesome. I used a dolly and another picture from the book for the center.


So many pieces of tissue paper to create the pom poms. I make these all the time because they are cheap and easy. 

Here's how they turned out! I always use the directions below:

I just cut out some of my favorite pictures from the book for a banner.

Originally I was going to put the pages on my striped pre-cut banners but then thought I liked the book of them on their own so I didn't glue them to anything. I thought it turned out cute!

This book is so cute. That is Little Miss Muffet on the left, sitting on her tuffet! How adorable to view the characters in such diverse illustrations!

The Golden Egg, and Ring Around the Rosie, pockets full of posies!

Hush Little Baby, don't you cry!

For the diaper cake, I was going to do the traditional wrap each diaper and assemble a cake and then realized how much easier it would be to create a no roll diaper cake! I had started to roll each one and only got about 10 done before I threw in the towel.

So what I did was I stuffed three different sized pots with diapers, tied string around each bundle (still in the pot) then flipped the pots upside down and the perfect bundles just slid out! They came out perfect and it was so much easier than rolling and binding each diaper!

After they slid out of the pots!


As you can see, I made another (very tiny) rosette for the top of the cake. (Just hot glued onto a toothpick.) I then just used scalloped crafting scissors to make perfect little cut outs to decorate the cake with.

Little Jack Horner sat in the corner eating his Christmas pie!

I also decorated with some fake flowers and stems.

I also used the same fake flowers in glass jars with rocks for table centerpieces. I also used the same scalloped crafting scissors to create little tags for the jars.

It turned out so cute!

Here are some pictures of my decor in action at the actual shower!

I used the rosettes on the front door, with a chalkboard sign!

I bought those tassels from Target.

I also used some old blocks we had around the house for some added "vintage" to the theme. They fit in perfectly!

Someone said they thought this was a real cake! Lol!

My cherished wreath!

Can you spot the blocks?!

We placed Jack and Jill next to the pail of water! (Water bottles in this case!)

One of my other sister in laws did the stations! She had some adorable ideas!

She had all the thank you cards ready to go with envelopes the guests could address themselves to save Erin some time!

Everyone wrote baby Wagner a little note that she will read in the far future!

We left words of wisdom to the parents!

And we all wrote funnies on diapers!

It was a lovely shower on a beautiful day! Can't wait for our new niece to be born!

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