July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites -- Come On In! -- Our NEW Living Room!!

I have not posted a link up in so, so long! I was excited to get back into today (although it's late, and almost not Friday anymore)! For this edition of Friday Favorites, hosted by some of my faves Andrea, Erika, and Narci, I'm showing off my NEW favorite room in our NEW house!! We moved last Friday and have been SO busy getting moved in, transitioning the kids, and unpacking! It's been hard to get everything settled but one of the easiest rooms to put together was our living room. I had been accumulating favorites for a while, in anticipation of decorating a new space, and finally, the time came to display all my favorite goodies!! I am so excited about this new room, and excited to get the rest of the house put together to share with you all! So here it is, my FAVORITE room in our new house!!

We had those side tables FOREVER. I actually got them about 5ish years ago when Noelle was a little baby to store all her toys discretely! Then when we moved into our last rental, we put them into storage, so we haven't even seen those suckers for 2+ years!! Joey was reluctant to even keep them but I had to store them, and look at that! Now I'm so glad we have them because they look great in the space!

I used my trusty gold spray paint to refinish some old icky frames, and of found this cute wood sign at Target. 

I love all my Hobby Lobby signs, frames, and knick knacks!

I love things that have sentiment, like that rocking chair was actually Joey's grandmas! She moved into assisted living a couple years ago and had to get rid of her chair. We adopted it, and it looks great in the room. It matches our $5 (yes that's right) garage sale coffee table! And I scored big time on that globe. I had been looking for a good globe for a LONG time, and getting bummed out every time I stumbled upon one that was just too spendy. This one was $3 from Goodwill! What?! Love it.

I am in loooooove with that fur stool from Hobby Lobby! I bought that months before we moved and Joey was like, "What are you going to do with that?" Well the answer is nothing, but it is so freaking cute. 

We are also using Joey's ANCIENT record player as our TV stand. I absolutely love it! It's been in the family for ages and it's heavier than an elephant, but we held onto it for years without it really belonging in a space. Now it looks great.

I'm obsessed with this chair. I had my eye on it for months, literally, just waiting and waiting for the price to drop. It FINALLY did and we snatched it!! 

Joey was excited that I let his old parrot out for the room, haha. It was his grandmas and it's just been sitting in a box for 8 years, but finally it has a home! And he matches the room so well! Gotta love it.

My lovely matching mirror that has been waiting in the garage during our move to be hung!

My Nate Berkus rug that I love!

I can't even forget to mention this awesome throw! My friend Samantha found it for me on a used sale site for a measly $7 and she knew I would LOVE it. I love that random black line in the middle of the throw. Somehow it ties everything together.

And Violet. I need to mention Violet. That's our gazelle head, lol. Noelle saw it at the store and told me we HAD to get her. Which I agreed with completely. I don't know how Noelle determined that the gazelle was a girl, or how she decided on the name Violet, but I was game. We bought her, stuck her on the wall, and she just wasn't feminine enough for her name so we stuck on that flower wreath - Volia - Violet lives.

So that's it for my Friday Favorites!!! You got a glimpse into our new home, and my new favorite room, full of my favorite things!!! Next Friday I'll show another new room in the house! Knowing that it will be the newest finished room, it will probably be my new favorite! ;) Happy blogging and reading!

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