July 10, 2016

End of June Fun!

Noelle and Hailey before gymnastics!

Summer fun!

Coldstone trip before gymnastics!

Hailey was grossed out by Noelle's choice of M&Ms and strawberry ice cream, hah!

Beach time with my babes!

What a crazy nut! She's the only person I know that goes to the beach in full garb, and Minnie ears!

My cuties at the old house -- the very last night there! Bittersweet!

Noelle has become quite the ham, haha.

I told Noelle to say goodbye to the old house and she said, "I already did!" She wasn't really that sad about it actually. I thought she would be sad because there were so many memories made in that house but she simply was ready to go to the next house! Halle surprised us by being sad, which made me feel bad!! She asked the first two days in the new house if she could go home! :( :( She's since been better!

Playing in all the empty rooms!

Matching dresses is all the rage when you have a sibling, lol.

Manicures with Hailey!

Enjoying some lunch in the new house!

My gymnastics baby!

Loving her new space in the playroom! Lots of room for jumping and dancing!

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