July 10, 2016

Come On In! - Noelle's Monster High Bedroom

At the old house both the girls had to share a room, which I decorated with gold and pink. When Noelle found out she was going to get her very own room, she freaked out, and of course asked for a Monster High bedroom. I was really reluctant because I don't care for characters! Especially not for bedding or decor because what happens a year from now when she no longer likes Monster High? (In reality, it will be much longer than a year by the way things are going, but you know what I mean!) Just a year ago if you had asked her what kind of room she would want she probably would have said My Little Pony! So anyways, I wasn't too keen on it, but thought I could decorate her room in black and hot pink and call that Monster High. But then, of course, I stumbled upon a Monster High comforter for a mere $15 at a sale and couldn't pass it up! The ball started rolling from that point on and I decided to just go with it. She loves Monster High so much that I'll just let her indulge in this phase!

Come on in!

Is it awful that now I think the character bedding is adorable? lol.

These vinyl dolls are actually Halle's, but she doesn't mind sharing. ;)

I repainted these letters with spray paint. These are the contact paper letters that everyone liked so much, but it was time for a change!

Her wall clock. Never mind that she can't tell time yet, it is just too cute.

Finally, her own closet that she doesn't have to share!

A place for all those monster dolls!

Miss Halle playing in her big sister's room! Shh! Don't tell!
Pretty soon I'll reveal Halle's room!

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