June 15, 2016

Wagner Catch Up!!

Hello there!! I have been gone from the blogging world for so long that I feel like introductions are needed all over again! Hah! Hello, I'm Diana and I have been SO busy the last few months! I finished my student teaching (hallelujah!), we are moving (whoop whoop!), we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary (whoop whoop!), Noelle graduated from preschool (whoop whoop!), Halle turned 2 (whoop whoop!) years old, and summer is finally here!!! WHOOP WHOOP! What a time in our lives! Here is a quick catchup, with lots of pictures!

We made it to year 7 of marriage! No itch here!

Here is Halle munching on some yummy hibachi!!

We went to Osaka with cousin Vivi, for her 6th birthday!

Just playing in the backyard!! Enjoying the last few months in this house!

So more info on our move: We are moving just a couple streets (and minutes) away from where we are now! It is a larger home, with three levels! The girls will be getting their own bedrooms for the first time, and we will have a giant playroom! I am so excited for these new changes! Grandma Sue and Don will still be with us, as we can't quite make it on our own yet (with me not making any money it's kind of a hard time for us to buy a house). They will be staying downstairs in a HUGE basement, that has 2 living spaces, a full bath, and master room. Basically, it's going to be quite an upgrade for all of us!

Hanging out in her diaper waiting for the cookies to bake!

Miss Attitude.

I guess not all meals are Happy Meals, lol.

Spending time with my little babies! Here we're at the library, and I love that they are wearing their sister necklaces!

Barnes & Noble time!

I have been so busy finishing my student teaching, completing my capstone class, planning a Princess Camp for Larkin Dance Studio, planning a baby shower, and just doing life that I haven't had much time for anything else! Any time that I have had in the last couple months as gone to just spending time with the girls! Joey has had a great last few months being with the girls more. Definitely some daddy and daughter bonding time!

A couple pages out of my Mother's Day book that Noelle made me, lol. Pretty accurate, really.

Trader Joe's treasure chest is always a win.

McDonald's again...yes, I'm that mom.

Stylin'. Yes, they are upside down. That's how she prefers them.

A blurry but goodie! The girls and I at Gaotah's after party for her pinning ceremony! She's a certified nurse now, woot woot! Way to go girl!

With summer upon us we have a lot of stuff going on! I am currently in one of my last Masters courses, Noelle is in tons of summer activities (dance camp, ballet intensive, VBS, Art Camp, gymnastics), we are moving July 1st, and we have a couple trips up to the cabin planned!


Big cousin Ellie slept over one night with the girls!

Hopefully everyone's a little caught up with us, and ready for many, many more catch up posts!
So happy to be blogging again!!

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