June 28, 2016

Some Summer Snapshots!

The girls and I have been enjoying our summer vacay tons!

Noelle said, "Mama, let's do selfies!" Haha! Okay, how does my kid know what selfies are?!

My friend Carla and I enjoying some drinks at Pizza Luce after we both completed our Capstone presentations!

Miss Halle purchasing her new favorite friend ever, Peppa Pig!!

Honey bunches playing in the water!

I love this booger!

Ice cream with friends! What get's better?

Little American Girl.

Sweet as pie.

Library fun with Ella!

Eating big girl style!

Hula hooping!


Humidity = crazy hair.

Tender love with Mason at Pizza Luce!

These two are sooo cute and funny!! They hug ALL the time, and actually truly play with one another! Besties in the making, I'm sure! 

Hay gurl, hay.

Get it, girl.

Sass for days.

Ice cream heads!

A little needed mama time!

What a fun summer it's been so far!! I'm enjoying every minute of the crazy, fun, spontaneous, and busyness!

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