June 15, 2016

Noelle's Preschool Graduation!

Our little preschool graduate finished her first year at Mounds View ECFE preschool! She started the year going three days a week, and also riding the bus. It wasn't the smoothest transition from being at home with me! She had a hard time with the bus, and often has school refusal. We then took away the bus and started driving her, and also decreased her to 2 full days a week, and she did SO much better! It was easier and less scary for her, and she enjoyed herself much more!

We really liked her class and are excited that she will be going there again next year for Pre-K! She will be going all 5 days, full time! Eeeek!! We are hoping it goes much better since she will be older, and it will be her second year at the same place. She has matured a lot from preschool and is much more social!

She now has a best friend from school, named Grace, and she is able to write her full name, count to 100, recognize most of her letters, and started learning some of the letter sounds. 

At her graduation ceremony! She sang a few songs with her class and then they did a cute ceremony.

We got ice cream afterwards! Yay to our little graduate!

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