June 20, 2016

Noelle's First Sleepover!

Last Friday was a special day! Noelle had her first ever sleepover with her good little friend Emma! It was so darling! They had so much fun, eating dinner together (pizza, of course, what kind of sleepover would it be without some ordered pizza?), watching a movie (Monster High!) and then cuddling up together on the ground in blankets and oodles of pillows!! It was darling, and perfect. They slept through the night, didn't stay up too late, and were up in the morning ready to continue the party! Good times were had by all. Here are some pics from the mini milestone:

Best little buddies!!!

Oh the laughs!

Ultra classy.

Making strawberry pudding!

The cutest thing about them is that we have known their family forever!! First off, Emma's dad and I went to high school together. Then randomly, her dad and I worked together for a short period in our mid 20s. Then we went our own ways for some time and we're reunited when our girls started dance together  2 years ago!!! Now we are all friends and hang out together all the time!! Emma and Noelle LOVE each other, and her parents Aja and Cal are very good friends with me and Joey now. Everything happens for a reason! So good and grateful to have good friends!!


Primping up Halle, like she's a life size doll. LOL. Halle was not having it.

Night night girls!

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