June 15, 2016

Larkin Dance Recital '16!

Noelle had her second Larkin dance recital this past month! She rocked it! We are so proud of her progress and love how much she adores it. She has made amazing friendships, has more confidence, and has lots of fun, all while exercising! Here are some snap shots from this year's recital time.

Noelle and cousin Vivi on picture day!

All the dancing cousins on picture day! For our annual cousin picture!

With her dance besties! Emma, Charlotte, and Kyra!

This was their tap costume!

Here they are in their jazz costume. Grandma Shel picked the song for their class and it was a My Little Pony song! You KNOW Noelle LOVED that!

Get it girl! I LOVED this costume!

Tap! Baby take a bow!

A recital present from Grandma Shel!



Changed back into normal clothes! But look at all that makeup! Haha!

With cousin Ava backstage!

Cannot wait for next year!! We are now in dance camp for the summer! Noelle will be in her first competition year this upcoming fall so we are getting ready for all that jazz! ;)

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