June 28, 2016

Larkin Dance Camp! Round 2!

Seriously. Does it get cuter?? The girls finished up another week of intensive dance camp this past week, and it really was intense! Noelle, along with her friends, have all improved so much and gotten a taste of what is going to come with competitive dance! Noelle loves it!

Honestly, these girls are soon cute!! Noelle loves her dance friends, Charlotte and Kyra!

I love that she has made such awesome friendships! Here is her and Charlotte playing one day after dance. LOL. Charlotte posed this way, she was in no way dissatisfied with anything! Haha. She said, "I want to do this." Ok, whatever!

Love, love!

I'm so happy Noelle has such great friends!

Another day after dance, with Emma! These girls are so sassy!


Another day of dance, another killer cute outfit!

With Kyra after dance!

So far the most important thing that has come out of dance is the close friends that she has made! She loves her dance friends so much, and I love that she has them in class when the stretches get a little tough, haha. The girls are off now for 3 weeks, but will resume in late July with ballet intensive camp. Can't wait!

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