June 20, 2016

Larkin Dance Camp! Round 1!

Noelle is pretty swamped with dance this summer! Prepping for her first year of competitive dance, she's in a few intensive summer camps! She finished her first week last week! Here are some pics from last week!

With her dance friends on the first day of dance camp! Noelle, Emma, Emerson, Kyra, and Charlotte!

The girls have a 90 minute class each day for two weeks in June focusing mostly on stretching, jazz, and some tap, 90 minutes each day for two weeks of ballet in July, and then two more weeks in August right before Fall season starts.

Vivi, Ellie, Ava, and Noelle! Cousins who dance together, stay together! <3

She was so excited to wear 2 pieces to dance and not have to wear the typical leotard and tights ensemble. She would wear the outfits the WHOLE day!

With her class, stretching and doing tummy exercises! She's in blue!

Having so much fun with dance!

I love this outfit! So cute!

Playing with Kiera after dance one day at the park!

Stretching next to Emma!

She has improved so much in a matter of days!


Noelle and Ava! 

The intensives have been awesome. Noelle has gotten much more flexible with all the stretching exercise, she can do a really good leg lift now, and can almost do a perfect split now. Can't wait to see how she improves after this week!

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