June 15, 2016

Goodbye Student Teaching!

I had the most wonderful time student teaching, and I will cherish that classroom and those experiences forever! It wasn't easy, but I absolutely loved it. Teaching is my jam!! I am so glad that it confirmed for me that teaching is my calling. It was a 15 week long, stressful, tiring, and busy learning experience but it gave me exposure to all sorts of learners, different backgrounds, various teaching and learning styles, and school politics. I will miss that classroom but I am honestly so happy to be done! lol! Now onto the job search for fall!!

I have every student a personal letter and gift! Loved those 26 kids with all my heart!

And I definitely got 26 personal letters back in return!

Currently I am applying for pretty much every district in the state, lol, for any position open. I'd be lying though if I didn't admit that I kind of want to go back to the school I was student teaching at! I just can't imagine not seeing those kids again! (I've been back to visit them twice, but that's not enough! Haha!) We will see where God leads me. Woot woot!

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