June 15, 2016

Cabin Cousin Time!

Noelle and Halle went up to the cabin for Mother's Day weekend with Grandma Sue, Don, Great Aunt Cathy, and (second) cousin Harrison! Joey and I were SO sick over this weekend! We both had terrible sinus infections, coughs, and aches. The kids had a much better weekend up at the cabin playing in the great outdoors! We are so lucky that they are able to get a way to places like that in their childhood. We are hoping to get there more this summer.

Harrison and Noelle going for a ride!

Filling up the tank, haha.

Oops, took a little dive into the ditch!


So. Many. Toys.

Play doh mania!

Playing in the tree house!

Ice cream time!

Halle taking a nap on Don! Haha.

While Joey and I were super sick, the kids had a blast, and of course, that's all that matters right? ;)

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