June 28, 2016

Gymnastics Baby!

My little girl is loving gymnastics! She smiled the whole freaking time! I love that she loves it and I can't wait to see where she goes in this sport!

First day of summer gymnastics!! We are going to Midwest gymnastics, and are so excited about it!

She can't wait to go back! She already asked to go again and it's only been a couple days!

Our First American Girl Visit!

So last Saturday the girls and I decided to take a trip out to MOA to visit the American Girl store! Noelle got her first catalogue in the mail about a month ago and has been reading it and drooling over it ever since. She seriously will look at the catalog cover to cover and gasp over every single page. She knows all the American Girls by name (Julie from 1974 is her favorite) and she watches youtube videos all the time on how to create American Girl bedrooms and crafts. Then she went to her friend Kyra's house, who has Maryellen and she just about lost her mind. So finally I thought we should visit the store ourselves.

She absolutely loves the accessories! Here is the ice cream cart, a definite fave.

The girls playing with the Bitty Babies. Halle LOVES these babies!!

The girls had SO much fun! I had no idea that the store was set up for kids to explore, touch, and play! For whatever reason I thought it was more for display and not as hands on. I was wrong! The girls and I spent TWO HOURS in the store, playing with the dolls, admiring the set ups, drooling over the display cases, and watched some dolls get hairdos in the salon.

Now Noelle is pretty set on getting her own American Girl doll, which I don't blame her, because they are SO awesome. I always wanted one as well growing up and I can see the fascination. Noelle loves the old generation ones, with stories, names, and details. She's not as into the modern ones, which is funny. I think it's great, personally, and I know she will be getting her own doll sooner than later. Halle is gung-ho on a Bitty Baby, but we will see!! (She just wants to do whatever her older sister does!)

Of course, being at MOA we had to go to some other stores too! Here we stopped at the Disney store where Noelle and Halle played with some light sabers, haha.

And Lego land, of course!! We love going to the MOA. So many fun things to do!! It was such a fun Saturday with my girls, and we had such a good time spending time with each other - mommy and girlies. We spent the whole day there, including lunch, and I can't wait to go back! Next time, we are planning on dining at the American Girl bistro!! :)

Some Summer Snapshots!

The girls and I have been enjoying our summer vacay tons!

Noelle said, "Mama, let's do selfies!" Haha! Okay, how does my kid know what selfies are?!

My friend Carla and I enjoying some drinks at Pizza Luce after we both completed our Capstone presentations!

Miss Halle purchasing her new favorite friend ever, Peppa Pig!!

Honey bunches playing in the water!

I love this booger!

Ice cream with friends! What get's better?

Little American Girl.

Sweet as pie.

Library fun with Ella!

Eating big girl style!

Hula hooping!


Humidity = crazy hair.

Tender love with Mason at Pizza Luce!

These two are sooo cute and funny!! They hug ALL the time, and actually truly play with one another! Besties in the making, I'm sure! 

Hay gurl, hay.

Get it, girl.

Sass for days.

Ice cream heads!

A little needed mama time!

What a fun summer it's been so far!! I'm enjoying every minute of the crazy, fun, spontaneous, and busyness!

Larkin Dance Camp! Round 2!

Seriously. Does it get cuter?? The girls finished up another week of intensive dance camp this past week, and it really was intense! Noelle, along with her friends, have all improved so much and gotten a taste of what is going to come with competitive dance! Noelle loves it!

Honestly, these girls are soon cute!! Noelle loves her dance friends, Charlotte and Kyra!

I love that she has made such awesome friendships! Here is her and Charlotte playing one day after dance. LOL. Charlotte posed this way, she was in no way dissatisfied with anything! Haha. She said, "I want to do this." Ok, whatever!

Love, love!

I'm so happy Noelle has such great friends!

Another day after dance, with Emma! These girls are so sassy!


Another day of dance, another killer cute outfit!

With Kyra after dance!

So far the most important thing that has come out of dance is the close friends that she has made! She loves her dance friends so much, and I love that she has them in class when the stretches get a little tough, haha. The girls are off now for 3 weeks, but will resume in late July with ballet intensive camp. Can't wait!
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