April 10, 2016

March Recap

I have been totally MIA for the past month because, well, LIFE is just crazy! We have been so busy! With my student teaching still continuing there is just not enough time in the day to stay current on my blog! I knew that I would be busy when I started doing my teaching but I had no idea it would be THIS busy! 

I am definitely putting in 45 hour work weeks, with lesson planning at home, grad classes that go into the late evening, studying for the state exams, the grueling edTPA (a very large assessment during the student teaching that includes videotaping), and preparing for my presentation at the end of teaching...I am definitely wiped. Not to mention, Joey has been really busy at work too! The dry cleaning business is definitely picking up, AND they are shorthanded at his plant! it's just been a crazy month!

That being said, it's so hard to keep up on the blog! But I HAD to come back and post a few because there's plenty to share! Here's a little recap of March!

My mom came from Texas for a couple weeks to help out! It was SO good to have her here!! Noelle's spring break (of course) did NOT line up with mine, and Grandma Sue left for a whole week for spring break! So my mom came to help us! It was SO helpful to have her here to watch the girls, and it was so good for the girls to also spend time with her! Noelle told me JUST the other night that she misses "grandma from Texas." Awwwww. Thank you so much mom for coming and spending time with us!

Here they are at the mall riding the carousel!

A little Smash Burger date with the girls!

At FamJam at church for their Easter celebration!

Sweet matching donut loving sisters!

With friends at church!

Working hard on their Easter Story eggs!

Learning about the story of Easter!

Baking Easter cupcakes!

Ice cream with Grandma Tuyet!

More ice cream. Because, ice cream!

Straight outta time out. You know.

Easter baskets!

Easter Sunday with Myla at church!

Egg hunt Easter morning!

Hope everyone had a lovely March!! We were busy, but I wouldn't change it for anything! Hoping all this hard work PAYS off and God has WONDERFUL plans for us!!!!!! 

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