April 10, 2016

Halle's Frozen 2nd Birthday Party!

My sweet baby girl had her 2nd Birthday party last month!! I can't believe I haven't had a chance to post her pictures from her party! I had been planning it for several months because I knew I wanted to host a Frozen themed party because Halle was going through a MAJOR obsession with Elsa and "Let It Go." By the time the birthday was actually rolling around she had already started liking "My Little Pony" MORE than "Frozen"which just about pushed me over the edge, lol, but I knew I couldn't go back! With how much planning I had already done and all the material I had already accumulated, there was no way I was going to redo the party! She still really enjoyed her small toddler party, and we had Elsa and Anna come to the party, which was really great.

I made all the printable myself and also made a little Olaf felt puzzle game!

I can't believe my little sweetheart turned 2!!!

We hired a sweet little duo to come entertain the wee kiddos! Elsa and Anna were just FABULOUS and we were so impressed!! They did a wonderful job and the littles had so much fun! Here they are playing, singing, and making little wand crafts!

It was just perfect for a small group of kiddos! We had originally invited 3 of Halle's little itty bitty friends and 1 cousin, but 2 of our guests couldn't make it! So it ended up just being Halle, Noelle, and two other littles, so I was a little bummed about the turnout, but it was really perfect for Halle. She's so young yet, and also quite shy, so it ended up being really good. I don't think she could have handled a larger party quite honestly.

The little ones that came over were Halle's little friends, Bailey and Ella that I had done daycare for! So it was a perfect mix. The girls basically grew up together the last year and Ella and Bailey are very familiar and comfortable at our house, so it worked out great!

I love my family.

It was so special that my mom was here for Halle's party!!

Here are more pictures, and/or larger images from the party:

The babies (even though they really are toddlers, I don't think I can ever NOT call them babies) just loved the Olaf felt puzzle! They had so much fun with it.

Halle was so reluctant at first about Elsa and Anna but eventually as time went on, she got more comfortable!

Noelle LOVED Anna, who spent a great deal of time reading to her, which was so sweet.

I loved when Halle started playing with Elsa!

Frozen books, Frozen toys, Frozen music...oh goodness. Frozen everything, everywhere!

My sweetie with her fave Frozen sisters!! Although she had already started to grow out of her Frozen fever, she had a good time, and after they left all she kept on saying was "Elsa. Anna. Elsa. Anna."

Bailey did NOT want in on the pictures, lol.

Seriously, so cute.

Of course, by the time they were leaving, Halle didn't want them to!

Giving Elsa and Anna high fives!

Cake and ice cream time!

Opening presents!

Her face cracks me up.


Loved that the three babies got to be together again!

Ugh. SOOOO cute!!!

Spike and Twilight! (That's what she's holding and probably what she was saying, haha.)


Mama's baby!!!

Love her so, so much!

This girl too!! Love!

Post party! Whew! We were tired, but we had a great time! Halle just LOVED all her gifts! (Lots of My Little Ponies!)

Sisterly love.

This crazy nut just loved the props lol.

We love you so much Halle girl. Happy Birthday love bug. That party took some work but mama would do it all over again just for you!!

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