April 10, 2016

Sweet Halle Turns 2!

Oh honey bunny. You are 2 years old now! We can't believe it! And we love you SO much!!!! Here are the stats on you on your 2nd birthday!

Nicknames: Halle Balle, Boo Boo Chomps, Hal, Baby Hal, Happy Halle (although you aren't that happy anymore, lol.)

Favorite color: PINK!! You always answer pink and always pick pink!

Favorite books: Everything Dora. Dora Goes to School. Dora's colors. Dora loves Boots. Dora this, Dora that! It's so funny because you don't even watch Dora that much. You just LOVE the books!! You love the predictability Dora has with asking help from Map, Backpack, and following the prompts!

Favorite shows: You are your sister's little shadow! You like what she likes, and have totally skipped over baby shows! While Noelle liked Barney, Elmo, and other slower paced shows, you are ALL IN. You love My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Goldie and Bear, Little Charmers, Dora and Friends Into The City, Descendants Wicked World....just to name a few!

Favorite movies: All the Equestria Girl movies, Descendants, and Monster High movies. Lol. I'm slightly embarrassed that my baby likes such mature movies for her age, but that's just what she is into! We can't even GET her to sit down for something more age appropriate! You silly girl, you!! You also LOVE The Good Dinosaur. 

Favorite songs: "Worth it." Yes the one by Fifth Harmony, lol. You are SOOOO musical! You pick up on notes, rhythm, and lyrics SO fast. You sing almost everything. You also love "Let It Go," all the other Frozen songs, and tons of My Little Pony and Monster High songs. You can sing them all. You may not talk a lot but you know ALL the lyrics!

Favorite foods: As you age you get pickier and pickier with your food. It's a little disheartening but hopefully it's just a stage! You love cinnamon cookies, yogurt, cheese, fruit snacks, apple juice, bagels, macaroni and cheese, chips, and other salty things! You aren't much of  sweet tooth, but would rather have chips and dip! One thing you absolutely DO not like? Milk! You will not drink it for the life of you! But you eat so much yogurt and cheese to make up for it, that you really don't need to consume any milk.

Favorite activities: Playing with ponies, dolls, coloring (you are so good at it! Already coloring in the lines!), playing outside, playing with play doh, and playing on your tablet. You also love being read to, and love dancing and singing.

Terms you use often: 
"That cute."
"She cute."
"I need _____!"
"I want _____!"
"I do it."
"Thank you!"
"Okay, mama!"
"Monster HI!!!"
"Bankie back." (Asking for her blanket. lol)
"Paci back." (Asking for her pacifier.)

Things you don't like:
Up until about a day ago you HATED baths! You screamed bloody murder to the point that we stopped giving you baths and just had you stand and scream during the world's fastest showers. You absolutely HATED sitting in the tub, and HATED getting your hair washed! This started about half way through your year! The picture above is when you still enjoyed them!

Your physicality:
You have CURLS!!! So many! And they are tight ringlets when you get out of the shower! We have no idea how you have such curly hair but we love it! You were also a late bloomer on teeth (not getting your first tooth until after you turned 1 years old) but now you have at least 12. You are shorter though, and a little chunky. Hehehe. We love you so much. You are wearing size 3t (!!!) and size 5 shoes. 

You are so smart! You know all your colors, can count to 20, and have the best concentration! You can use the tablet like a pro, and you already color inside the lines and can draw pretty decent shapes!

Your typical day:
You get up between 6 and 6:30 am each day (boo) and have a nap around 1-3 pm. You go to bed between 8:30-9:30 pm. You spend your days with Grandma Sue and Noelle currently on M,W, and F, and only with Grandma Sue on Tues and Thurs. 

Your personality:
You are really spunky. You have quite an attitude, and know what you want! You are talkative, funny, and love to have it your way! In front of other people, in public you are rather shy but you don't really come off as shy. You come off like you are uninterested! Lol. You don't make eye contact with people and you like to look at your feet with a scowl on your face if people you don't know are talking to you. You take time to warm up to people but once you are warmed up, you are so talkative! We don't know what you are talking about half the time, but you get so animated and lively! We love that about you!

We love you soooo much honey bunny!!!! You are the sweetest, greatest, little 2 year old in the world!! I could not even love you one ounce more!!!!

Happy Birthday Love!!! Cannot wait to see what the next year brings you, and us!! Love you Halle!!

How To: Throw An Easy Frozen Birthday Party! (Free Printables and Templates!)

After a big birthday party post, I always include a "How To" post for anyone interested in what I did, or wants to replicate it. So here it is! I had been planning this one for a while, so I started working on it pretty far in advance, to get the best possible prices on materials.

Here are the deets on Halle's Frozen party:

What: A Frozen themed party!
Who: For a small group of toddlers + their parents. Although, this party can be altered and more activities added for older kiddos!
Cost: My budget was $200 TOTAL and that INCLUDED hiring professionals to come entertain as Elsa and Anna. Did I stay in budget? Nope! I spent a little bit more on the entertainers because they did such a great job that I included a generous tip, but I only went over my budget by a little bit!! Without the entertainers this party (including food) only costed roughly $90!
Activities: Olaf felt puzzle, make your own wand craft, singing and dancing to Frozen music, dinner (pizza, salad, snacks), and of course, cake and ice cream!

I made the printables myself on my good ol' computer, like I always do. I've included the printable at the end of this post. I made the Olaf felt puzzle with affordable felt that I got in packs from Wal-Mart and Michaels (with that awesome 40% off coupon).

Made the white pom poms myself from dollar store tissue paper and twine. I made 9 large pom poms for $1.50. 

For a favor, each child went home with a wand that I got in the dollar section at Target.

I used as many Frozen toys as I could for decor.

I also busted out some Christmas decor! I happen to have TONS of sparkly white decorations that worked for the party.

I made this banner for Halle from clearance Frozen art kits at the craft store.

This banner took me 5 minutes to make and probably cost a couple bucks. Now it's draped over her crib in her bedroom!

Gotta love those party decor kits from Party City. ;) I also dangled my snowflake Christmas ornaments around the house for some added Frozenness.

Toys = decor AND an activity!

Mural turned photo booth.

I made those photo props by printing out those printables, and then taping them to craft sticks. I included a box of dress up Frozen costumes and crowns. Added some boas, and other fun things for the adults.

I've included the printables for the water bottles at the bottom of this post.

I made those cookies the day before by dying the dough and then swirling them together. You can find tutorials on youtube.

I made those snowballs from styrofoam balls. You can find those balls at Wal-Mart for a decent price. (Even cheaper than the dollar store, AND cheaper than with a 40% off coupon at the craft store.)

Got those tablecloths on clearance after Christmas (for .20 cents!) and made that banner from a Christmas clearance kit.

It looked so cute! I loved this backdrop.

Chocolate dipped strawberries!

Easy DIY cupcakes! And of course in chocolate, because Anna and Elsa LOVE chocolate! ;)

It's become my stable to make these "chalkboard" printables. I plan on making one each birthday for each kiddo, and then compiling them into a book. Right now, we have Noelle's from her 4th birthday in her bedroom!

I made these printables and just glued them to stock paper. Easy and cost nothing.

Noelle enjoying the photo booth.

I always make these! I made a '4' and an 'N' for Noelle's party, but only made an 'H' for Halle's! I didn't have enough time this time to make another one with student teaching! To make your own, it's easy, just tape pictures on cardboard in the shape that you want!

Anna was there to greet everyone at the door!

Here they are enjoying my Olaf felt puzzle!

Our family in front of our photo booth.

Easy peasy. Tape these to toothpicks! Printables below.

Here are the printables:

I used this as the background for everything from the invite, the food tents, and the printable decor signs. Enlarge this and save it onto your desktop.

Here it is sized for food tents.

Here are the ones I made myself, if you want to use them.

Here are links to the templates that I used:
FREE Printable Frozen Water Bottle Labels
For these bad boys, go here. Thanks HaleGrafx!

FROZEN Photo Booth Free Printable Props
I used these for the photo booth. For the free download, go here.  Thanks Capturing Joy!

Here is an Olaf template printable you could use for your felt puzzle! Go here for the larger printable! DateMyPlate has many different Olaf printable you can use to create your puzzle/felt pieces! Thanks DateMyPlate!

For more awesome Frozen ideas, (some I used and some I didn't get a chance to use - ran out of time!) go to my Pinterest Board!! If you can imagine there are even MORE awesome things you could do to add some Frozen magic to your party!

For my other parties, click below!
How to:

For all the complete pictures from Halle's Frozen birthday party, go here:
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