February 3, 2016

Last Hurrah With My Girls!

I found out only 4 days before I was assigned to my student teaching placement, so I took those days to spend as much time as I could with the girls, doing fun things! Here are pictures of us before I started about 3 weeks ago!

I took the girls to the Children's Museum on my last day home with them! Halle was OBSESSED with Herald the dragon. We literally watched this guy pop out of his tower probably 20 times, and she would cry whenever I made her leave him!  

The girls playing with the water in the Works exhibit. 

Sister love!

Face painting! (She was actually thrilled with it, but was getting tired of mama taking pictures, haha. And yes we had to change shirts after the water play because her shirt was soaked!) 


Noelle wanted me to take a picture of her in front of her masterpiece. It's a family portrait. Halle is the small speck, lol.

We also fit in many health appointments before mommy started working! Goodbye flexibility! 

I also took the girls to MOA for a day of fun! We did some rides, face painting, a trip to the Disney store, and we played at Lego World!

We also had a date at the yogurt joint!

I miss the girls so much but am glad that we got a chance to spend some time together before I started working! More posts coming soon to fill everyone in on how student teaching is going, what we have been up to, and of course, the girls!!

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