February 28, 2016

Sweet Halle Baby

I have not posted about my darling boo-boo lover, Halle in quite some time! Little one is almost TWO! Can you believe it!?!? I certainly cannot!! I will obviously make a post on her second birthday, but for now, I thought I'd note some things so that I never forget what she was like at this age!! So, basically, here is her (very, very late) post for 22-23 months!!

Physically: This girl is something else! She's just like a rice bag! Lol. She's a solid little baby, weighing only a few pounds less than her older sister! Her hair is so curly, and she has the sweetest little heart shaped face!! We are so in love with this girly. She has 10 teeth now, and is starting to get her molars.

Mentally: She is so, so smart! She mostly just teaches herself through watching her older sister, and paying attention! She knows all her colors, can count to 20, and can read the numbers 1-5 in words. Halle is pretty obsessed with her tablet and watches a lot of educational videos, so we know those really have helped her learn.

Preferences: She has gotten pretty picky. She has preferences with just about everything! She is also going through a huge daddy phase right now. She wants him over everyone! She even says that she doesn't love mama- just daddy! She also has become a huge homebody and doesn't like to leave the house anymore! She once used to be my little buddy that would love to go out and about but now just wants to stay home all the time.

Food: Her favorite food ever is cheese! She loves string cheese, cheese cubes, cheese pizza,  and macaroni and cheese. She just loves dairy! She's a huge yogurt eater as well. She also likes oatmeal, burritos, chips and guac, bagels, and lo mein noodles!

Sleep: Halle has gotten better and now will sleep in her crib all night, but will usually wake up 1-2 just for a few minutes and cry out. Usually it's because she can't find her paci, or she's cold and needs help covering herself up. She still takes a 1.5-3 hour nap each afternoon and depending on when she woke up in the morning, she might still take a short morning nap.

Likes: She is obsessed with My Little Pony Equestria girls!! This is great because Noelle was obsessed with all things MLP last year, so we have tons and tons of those dolls. Halle's super into them now and carries one around all the time, and sleeps with them. Her favorite is Applejack. :) She also LOVES to color! She's pretty artistic already, and we only say that because for a 1 year old, she can color in the lines really well!! And she can sit there and color for a very long time! Other things she likes includes: play doh, salty food, music, singing, Frozen, Dora, and Paw Patrol.

Dislikes: Halle hates getting baths now. She will scream bloody murder and stand the whole time. She won't even sit in a tub. Therefore she usually just gets super fast showers now! We just let her stand and we spray her down and wash her hair as fast as possible! She also hates to be told what to do. She pouts, cries, and has meltdowns! Terrible twos are upon us!!

Favorites:  Her paci, her blankets, stuffed animals, My Little Ponies, and being with her dad.

Sayings: "Monster, hi!" "No!" "No, I not." "Okay! I will." "Apple!" "Shimmer!" "Cheese, please!"

Oh angel! I love you, so soooo much! You light up my days, sunshine! We will be celebrating your 2nd Birthday in exactly one month from today! Love you forever little boo boo.

A Little Life Lately!!

My goodness. Can I just be totally honest and say how much I hate, however strong that word is, how long I've been out of the blog world?! I just caught up briefly on some of my favorite blogs, especially my friend Hilary's blog, and can't believe how long I've been away! I just HAD to do a brief update post.

As you know, I'm in the midst of student teaching! it has been such a whirlwind! I absolutely love it. Honestly, I love being in the classroom, being with the kids, and working with other educators. I know that is is my calling from God. Howeeeever, that being said, it has been so hard and busy!! Student teaching is kicking my butt!! With all the paperwork, the edTPA (they no longer do teacher portfolios in order to get licensed, but do this new edTPA business), my Capstone graduate class, the lesson planning, etc. I am WIPED OUT!! When I get done at the end of the day, I am so pumped just to sit on the couch with my kids!

During spirit week, on pajama day!

I get lots of special notes from my kids! LOL

On wacky day with some of my kids.

In contrast though, although I've been stressed with school/teaching, it's been an amazing time for me to concentrate on ME, and not the girls. Getting out of the house and being away from them has been super refreshing! I love the adult interaction I get, the lunches with other women who make me laugh until I cry, and a reason to buy nice clothes and get dressed up! It's been great. And because we are spending so much time apart, Joey and I have actually made more of a point to get a babysitter to go out here and there. Our marriage is stronger than ever!

My time with the girls on the weekend is so much more valuable now, and it's been so fun spending time with them! Noelle and I had a fun mommy/daughter day complete with a trip to the hair salon for haircuts, and then nails!

She thought she was pretty posh!

Oh, I LOVE these faces!!

Praise! LOL

Spirit fingers!

Joey has actually taken a lot of time off in the last month as well to be home with the girls since I can't be. Noelle doesn't ride the bus anymore this semester, and instead Joey drives her to school. I never got to do that because I did daycare at home, so it's been really great for her. She really hated the bus! Now she loves that daddy swings through Starbucks first, gets her a cake pop, then escorts her down to her classroom each school day. :) Halle also just LOVES all the new alone time she gets with Joey. He took several days off last month and just hung out with the girls, a couple times just with Halle, and they really had great bonding moments.

Little boo boo!

The girls having cupcakes at Grandpa Don's birthday party one weekend at La Casita!

Noelle having so much fun with cousin Harrison!

Making Valentines for her teachers and friends!

Chipotle date with my girl!

Rockin' sisters!

Trying to get some stuffed animals out of the crane box after pancakes for dinner with Grandpa Joe at Perkins!

Pizza with my love on Valentine's Day!

So it's all been really great! God is responsible for all these blessings! We are finally seeing the light at the end of our tunnel, and cannot wait to see where this all leads! I will be done student teaching in May and will start applying for full time gigs for the following year!

iPad junkie!

Another device junkie!

Last night we were busy dying frosting different colors to make some dessert!

Decorating her cake!

Very proud of her Monster High cake!

Halle gives the cake a thumbs up!

I have to admit that I miss my kids, and I miss the luxury of being able to be home with them and to spend my days doing whatever I wanted with them, but everything happens for a reason, and I know this will be good for my family. God has a plan anyways, regardless, so I will wait to see what happens once I am licensed. :)

Noelle has been OBSESSED with Monster High! She still loves ponies, but I think the crazy pony phase is over. She's officially a ghoul fiend!

She absolutely loves Catty Noir (one of the characters) and likes us to call her Catty Noelle! LOL

In other news, roughly 3 weeks ago I got into a major car accident! I totaled my car after it spun out on the road onto oncoming traffic on a day that we had a snow storm. Since then I have had some appointments for my ears (some fluid got shaken up and went into my eardrum, causing some hearing problems) and for my jaw and neck! Thankfully nothing else happened, and although my car is kaput, we are thankful that no people were truly harmed, and no children were present at all! Cars can be replaced, not so much people! My neck has bothered me some, but I am getting treatment for that starting this week!

Lastly, I will talk about my sweet dear friend Matt's dad's passing. He has been one of my best friends for over 13 years. His father passed away roughly 2 weeks after finding out that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Matt has been in California, and resides there but came home for this sad occasion. We were able to spend some time with him, and I attended his father's beautiful celebration of life at our church Calvary. (Matt's family also attends Calvary and have for over 15 years.) I had to share this because Matt's father Craig was such a Godly, sweet, and kind person. His service really drove it home for me that God is good, and will provide no matter what. We all have our doubts. Especially my family - we have been so busy, stressed, and have so many obstacles to overcome, but at the end of the day, it's all good. We are so blessed and so happy. We have each other, and life is good. It's all good. There are obstacles, people, and circumstances that will test you, but at the end of the day, it's your choose how it will end. And that's how I remember that in the chaos of life, not being able to catch up with friends and family, feeling "lost in the shuffle," it is still ALL good. :)

Matt and the girls! Noelle loves Matt, but Halle wasn't too excited to meet him, lol, hence why she's crying and he decided to cry in the photo as well, haha.

That's it for now! Can't wait to post more, especially about my sweet HALLE who is just around the corner from turning 2 years old!! :)

More soon! <3

February 3, 2016

Last Hurrah With My Girls!

I found out only 4 days before I was assigned to my student teaching placement, so I took those days to spend as much time as I could with the girls, doing fun things! Here are pictures of us before I started about 3 weeks ago!

I took the girls to the Children's Museum on my last day home with them! Halle was OBSESSED with Herald the dragon. We literally watched this guy pop out of his tower probably 20 times, and she would cry whenever I made her leave him!  

The girls playing with the water in the Works exhibit. 

Sister love!

Face painting! (She was actually thrilled with it, but was getting tired of mama taking pictures, haha. And yes we had to change shirts after the water play because her shirt was soaked!) 


Noelle wanted me to take a picture of her in front of her masterpiece. It's a family portrait. Halle is the small speck, lol.

We also fit in many health appointments before mommy started working! Goodbye flexibility! 

I also took the girls to MOA for a day of fun! We did some rides, face painting, a trip to the Disney store, and we played at Lego World!

We also had a date at the yogurt joint!

I miss the girls so much but am glad that we got a chance to spend some time together before I started working! More posts coming soon to fill everyone in on how student teaching is going, what we have been up to, and of course, the girls!!
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