January 11, 2016

The Nommy Adventure Comes to an End!

I haven't posted about daycare in a long time (probably since summer) because I was so busy, plus I found that posting on my daycare Instagram account (@teachandcare) was so much easier! I keep a lot of pictures there of the kids, our activities, and just discuss teaching/caregiver related topics there because of convenience. However, I'm posting about it now because we're going through a big change this month! This will be my last month with my wonderful families, because I'm (finally) student teaching this spring! I'm starting this January and will be doing it through May. Since posting about daycare last, we've had a couple changes (Addie and Aubrey left, I watched a couple sweet boys, and then added a couple new cuties), but I most currently had Ella (watched her since last March), Bailey (for the last 6 months), and Hailey (9 months)! Ella's last week was a week ago, and I'm watching Hailey and Bailey until I start student teaching! It's bittersweet, but I'm excited to start a new chapter of my career, and I know the girls will always stay friends!

Ella, Noelle, and Halle on a recent fun outing before her last week!


Noelle, Hailey, and Bailey as the PJ Masks!

Frozen cuties!

Hailey, Halle, and Noelle! 

Noelle and Hailey have become such good friends! I know everything happens for a reason, and me doing daycare was certainly a wonderful reason! My kids have developed lasting friendships!

 What a sweet note!

Here's to friends!

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