January 11, 2016

Cookie Swap with Friends!

This is also overdue (since they made these cookies BEFORE Christmas, lol) but I still wanted to post these pictures for memories sake! (I find that my blog has taken over the traditional "baby books," photo albums and scrapbooks! If I don't post it here, I'll probably never see it again, hah!)

Here are pictures from Noelle's cookie making, decorating, and swapping with her dear friends Emma and Charlotte from dance!

Working so hard!

Emma and Noelle have become such good friends!

Seriously these three are SO cute, and we (the moms and dads) have also become good friends. We love that they will dance together for possibly the next 15 years! They all will be on the "baby" competition line next year! Woo hoo! 

The Nommy Adventure Comes to an End!

I haven't posted about daycare in a long time (probably since summer) because I was so busy, plus I found that posting on my daycare Instagram account (@teachandcare) was so much easier! I keep a lot of pictures there of the kids, our activities, and just discuss teaching/caregiver related topics there because of convenience. However, I'm posting about it now because we're going through a big change this month! This will be my last month with my wonderful families, because I'm (finally) student teaching this spring! I'm starting this January and will be doing it through May. Since posting about daycare last, we've had a couple changes (Addie and Aubrey left, I watched a couple sweet boys, and then added a couple new cuties), but I most currently had Ella (watched her since last March), Bailey (for the last 6 months), and Hailey (9 months)! Ella's last week was a week ago, and I'm watching Hailey and Bailey until I start student teaching! It's bittersweet, but I'm excited to start a new chapter of my career, and I know the girls will always stay friends!

Ella, Noelle, and Halle on a recent fun outing before her last week!


Noelle, Hailey, and Bailey as the PJ Masks!

Frozen cuties!

Hailey, Halle, and Noelle! 

Noelle and Hailey have become such good friends! I know everything happens for a reason, and me doing daycare was certainly a wonderful reason! My kids have developed lasting friendships!

 What a sweet note!

Here's to friends!

Our Homemade Christmas Gifts

This is beyond overdue, but I wanted to share some of our homemade Christmas gifts this year. We were trying to be creative and frugal this year so Joey and I came up with a couple ideas for gifts for the grandparents.

First off, for Joey's mom, I had the girls paint some clay pots. It was kind of messy but the kids had fun and it was super cheap. They I found some cute little sayings that I wrote on the pots with a chalk marker. These turned out cute, and it's something she can really use at the cabin for her plants, but I wanted to also give her a little something in the pots. I came up with the idea to give her things that she would actually need. Half serious and half joking, I made her a "Grandma's Survival Kit" full of her favorite stuff: her "crack packs" (caffeinated water drops), lip balm, M&Ms, Diet Snapple, etc. For the second pot, I filled it with her favorite drink: Diet Coke. To go with her survival kit, I came up with it being her "Coke Stash." Lol! I used ribbon and plastic wrap that I got from the dollar store and voila, turned out so cute.

Halle's clay pot, that I helped her pour paint over (also filled with Grandma's fave items).

"Grandma's are moms with frosting.
In our case, A LOT of frosting."

Noelle's clay pot. She used sponges, paint, and then sprinkled glitter on it.

"Kisses and cuddles,
Cookies and treats,
Days with Grandma
are always sweet!
Love, Noelle."

After, all wrapped up!

They looked so cute for being SO affordable! I probably spent $10 on BOTH gifts!

For Joey's step mom, he knew he wanted to make her something that was related to coffee, because she drinks A LOT of coffee. We did the famous "Sharpie" mugs, but with ceramic markers because I've done the Sharpie mugs in the past, and they usually don't stay on long term. We came up with some silly sayings that would get some laughs. While we try to have Joey's mom's gifts a little more sentimental, we make his step mom's more funny, to match their personalities.

"Coffee makes me poop," with some little flowers.

"Sassy, classy, and a bit smart assy," with a winky face on the other side.

"Better late than ugly," with rainbow hearts on the back.

If you've never done these, they really only work with ceramic markers, or Sharpies that are oil based. And you want to bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes, with the cups already in the oven while preheating AND also stay in the oven until completely cooled. Then it really will survive washings!

After we made the cups, we got her some good Keurig coffee packs and some chocolates, put then in a basket, and I used the same ribbon and plastic wrap to put the basket together. I also included a small framed picture of the girls, because, why not?

We also got a dozen donuts for Noelle's teachers at school!

We also gave each bus driver a donut in a cute baggy, and the mailman! Hehe.

Noelle also passed out (cherry) candy canes to her classmates with the world's easiest tags: mailing labels.

We got other gifts this year, but all the others were purchased - not as homemade-y. I had fun getting creative this year! Can't wait for next year!
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