December 2, 2015

My Favorite Season Is Here!!

Sorry for the poor quality pictures! That's what I get for not upgrading my phone.

The girls had fun being pulled on the sled, running through the snow, and even making a small snowman.

This was after our first big snowfall on Monday evening.

 Here's Noelle and her big cousin Bennett playing outside. She has her bus harness on, lol.

 It's a winter wonderland!

I can't believe the last time I posted was almost 3 weeks ago! Where is this time going?! Oh yes, that's right - it's going towards my MTLEs! Lol. Only slightly kidding. I have 8 state exams to take before becoming licensed, and am trying to get as many done as possible before my student teaching load gets heavy! I have taken two already in the last two weeks, have another one tomorrow evening, and trying to get two more done before the end of this month!

Before my MTLEs, I FINALLY finished my last class for my program! Hallelujah! And I'm happy to say I passed that test, and then finished the class with a B! No, not my best grade, lol. I am a 4.0 GPA gal, but this class totally kicked my butt. I'm thrilled with that B!!! I was praying to just pass, actually, so a B is FABULOUS!

I am starting to relax a little bit now with that class being done. I have a lot of studying to do for some of my subtests, but in general, I'm free as a bird. It's weird to all of a sudden have free time! It's so weird to catch up on reading, watching some movies, and going to bed early! I'm loving it!

I'm also loving that I had time to get all our Christmas stuff up! I didn't go as crazy this year with all the snowmen, and Santa figures, because it just was a little much last year! It was fun for Noelle, for sure, but it took over our house. I went more simple this year! I haven't even taken pictures of everything, but here's some of it to share!

Noelle actively helped me put up the Christmas tree this year. She was so excited!

And of course, Buddy our elf is back! Noelle totally understands Buddy this year, and takes it pretty seriously. She told me about how Buddy flies to the North Pole (or as she says it, Note Pull) every night after we are sleeping to tell Santa what he sees. Well, I wonder if he saw Noelle NOT get on the bus today, and make a complete fool out of herself in our driveway? Anyways, I'm pretty excited for Buddy to be back! I love doing EOTS! I'm not crazy about it though - I don't do anything super creative, and I don't set Buddy up to do mischievous things because I think that contradicts what he is here for. So, you will see him doing really boring things, like just sitting on...a shelf, lol. Here are some of the places he hid last year:

We also have made one gingerbread house so far (we usually make a couple during the season). This one is our Elsa gingerbread house, lol. With special appearance by Sweetie Belle.

And just to round up this post, why not leave you with a picture of Baby Halle completely miserable before Thanksgiving dinner? LOL. She just despised this getup I put her in, lol. 

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