December 27, 2015

Halle, Our 20 Month Sunshine

Hey munchkin girl!! You are 20 big months today! I can't believe how old you already are! When Noelle was this EXACT age, mommy just discovered that she was pregnant with YOU!

With one of your first friends, Ella! Little Frozen lovers.

You are growing up so fast my little one. You have developed so many new traits and skills in the last month! First off, you are definitely a little toddler now, and not so much my little baby. You have just started to talk so much this past month. These are the words we hear come out of your mouth the most:
Mom (yes, already calling me MOM instead of mommy or mama! Wah!), da-ee (daddy), Well (Noelle), no (all the time), yep, yes, yeah, apple, ball, pink (in response to everything, from what do you want to wear to what do you want to eat), more, peas (please), thank you, seep (sleep), up, down, walk, show, pony, let it go, Anna, bed, caw (car), Ella, Ba-ee (Bailey), phone, night night, ......those are all the ones I can think of right now!

We need to do something about that grout, I know. Lol.

We're not sure if you know how to count past 3 because we don't really push you, lol, but we do know that you know all of your animal sounds, and all your body parts/face parts. My favorite is when I ask you what a tiger/lion says and you get all into your roar. :) You are so cute.

Having fun at the library!

You really like:
Daniel Tiger. My Little Pony. Singing. Dancing. Frozen. Goldie and Bear. Playing with Noelle. Coloring. Doing art projects. Watching YouTube videos (parent fail, I know). 


You really don't like:
Getting your hair washed. Not getting your way. Being woken up from sleeping. To share, hahaha.

Your favorite foods:
Ketchup. Macaroni and cheese. Cheese sticks. Yogurt. Chips. Muffins. Pasta. Corn dogs. Sausage. 

New behaviors:
Temper tantrums! You will get down on the floor flat and scream.
Stranger anxiety. You will just cry! It's quite a change from "Happy Halle."

You go #2 on the potty. It's so funny because we don't push you at all. You just want to do everything like your sister. We are no where close to mastering #1, but every time you have to #2 you will start patting your butt and pointing to the bathroom. We will set you on there and within 5 minutes, you go!

Your favorite books:
Frozen anything. Dora books (even though you never want to watch the show). Princess books. You are my Sunshine. 

Funny things about you that make you, you:
Your teeth all came in crooked. LOL. Noelle has straight teeth up and down, and all of yours are in different directions. So freaking funny and cute. 
You have the curliest hair EVER. When you come out of the bath we call you Richard Simmons because your hair is wild curly. It flattens out once you sleep on it, but you definitely have ringlets.

Personality traits:
Touchy. Irritable. Bossy. Funny. Independent. You easily get mad at people (we're all idiots after all), and definitely want your space. For example, you do NOT want to sleep with us. While Noelle wants to cuddle and sleep with mom and dad ALL the time, you want to be alone. You prefer your space, and also want to do things by yourself. You don't want help. :)

You just love art, which makes us so happy. Noelle from a young age has always loved books. You love books too, but art is definitely YOUR thing. Noelle loved to read day and night, and still loves books over everything. You love books, but you love coloring more. You could color for hours. You hold your pencil/crayons so well, and learned much faster how to than your sister. We're excited for where this may take you.

Weird thing about you that I want to remember is that you DO NOT like milk. Ever since you turned 1 years old, you have never drank milk. It's very strange! You nursed well your whole infancy, and definitely liked mama's milk, but you do not care for cow's milk at all. You never drink it. You have tried it numerous times but always hand us the cup back, shake your head, or flat out say no. You only drink water and reduced sugar juice. It's weird because Noelle and I drink a gallon of milk a week - but not you, no milk at all! I was worried for your brain development, but there's really nothing to worry about since you just don't like milk - you still love dairy. You consume tons of yogurt, cheese, frozen yogurt, and sometimes ice cream.

You are the cutest, sweetest, little munchkin -- even if you are a little bit on the crabby side, lol. We love you so much sweetheart!


Some recent(ish) videos of Halle:

"Don't take my video!" - Perfect example of wanting to be left alone, haha.

Little dancer.

Noelle singing, Halle dancing.


Let it Go.

Love you booger!!!! Happy 20 months! Slow down on this growing business!

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