December 15, 2015

Christmas Season Update

I cannot believe that I've been so MIA that I even missed out on last Tuesday's Show and Tell blog link up with my favorite fellow bloggers! Of course, it was sharing Christmas decor! Oh well! I shared some of our decor in the last post anyways. :) Here's an update on what we have been up to lately!

Noelle at her school Christmas party! We made gingerbread houses together, and then played, and all the kids got a little gift from their teachers (a book). It was so nice! It was fun to see Noelle so proud to show off her school, and what she does there! She was so excited to have me on her turf.

Sitting next to one of her best friends, Gracie.

Decorating the giant gingerbread man at school!

Noelle's gingerbread house! She made the post and her sidewalk all by herself! I was pretty proud of her creativity!

Opening her gift!

At home in her little Hello Kitty Christmas shirt. :)

One of the snow days we had! (We only had snow for a couple days so far this winter! Even now, there is NO snow out there! And it's even fairly warm! (40ish degrees, and rain! Not even a sprinkle of snow!)

No fear of the cold or unknown! Halle loves playing in the snow like the big girls!

Another snowy morning, waiting for the bus!

Halle all ready to make an Elsa inspired gingerbread house!

Noelle making cookies with Myla!

The girls one night in their matching elf jammies!

Noelle was a little distracted as we had "Elf" playing. (The Will Ferrel movie. We LOVE that movie, and watch it every Christmas! Even Noelle thinks it is funny!)

Lots of laughs from Halle!

But first, let me take a selfie. LOL

Noelle wearing an apron, all ready to make Christmas cookies with mama!

Showing off an ornament she made at school!

And of course, we went and saw Santa!! Woot woot!

So much Christmas fun! Hope everyone is having an awesome season!

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