December 30, 2015

A New Outlook for 2016

Anyone who knows me or even just has read my blog, knows that I'm a big resolutions person. I always make new goals for the upcoming year, and usually stick to it. I don't make a big 'ol list, just a few little goals to work on. However, this will be the first year in who knows how many years (probably a decade!!) that I've decided to NOT make resolutions!!

Here's the thing - I'm an anxious person. I'm a Type A personality that makes lists for EVERYTHING. I get caught up in worry - worrying about what I didn't do right, what I should have done, what I will do, if I can do it, and so forth and so forth.

For the last year I've lost sight of my resolutions quite a bit, because I was so busy, but also busy with worry! I worried so much about money - having enough for when I start student teaching, being a good wife, being a good mom, getting good grades, passing exams, keeping a clean house, being fit, etc. etc. It was constant stress and anxiety. I felt lost for a bit of 2015 as I was overwhelmed (by my own doing), and drowned in worry.

I don't want that for 2016. I have a completely new outlook for 2016 that involves NO resolutions. I'm letting go of my tradition of making a list of things to work on and ways to change, and instead, I'm just going to LIVE. Each day comes with it's own worries, there is no point in me worrying about the next day, or the next year! I'm going to concentrate on living each day and stop planning so much. There's a lot happening in 2016 as it is, so I need to let go of my list of things to work on, and be in the moment.  I'm good enough as I am, and I have what I need!!

These are the scriptures that I am reading and working on in my journaling Bible to keep me inspired.

Nothing against resolutions! I love them, but it's time for me to concentrate on living in the now and being happy with what I have and who I am, and not concentrating on things I need to change. Here are past resolutions:

Resolutions for 2013
Resolutions for 2014
Resolutions for 2015

Happy New Year's everyone and I hope that 2016 brings you much joy and peace!!

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  1. Love it, Diana!!! Amen to a new outlook and finding contentment, it truly is SO much better than worrying! xoxox see you tomorrow, friend!


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