November 16, 2015

Wagner Life Lately

Life lately has been so hectic (as always). I have been so extremely busy working on my class, studying for my final, planning and hosting Noelle's birthday party, getting ready for my practicum, then actually doing my practicum that I haven't had time to just play catch up on the blog.

My girlies and I went out one night for a mommy/daughters date for fro-yo! Our fave.

Well, for starters, a recent change in our life...MY CLASS IS DONE!!! Woot woot!! I haven't gotten my final grade yet, so I shouldn't be that excited yet, but at least it's DONE!! That's one (major) less stresser. Now, I am SOOOO excited to just concentrate on my state exams and BE WITH MY KIDS!! <3

Noelle on her birthday at the toy store, after laying around sick all day! She was such a sweetheart. I told her she could get anything in the store and she picked out some books, and a locket. She called it an "Annie locket" (yes, like Orphan Annie) and then said she was going to put pictures of mommy and daddy in it so she could look at us when she misses us at school. Seriously?! Love her to pieces.

One of the mornings before school. 

Noelle's birthday party was AWESOME. She had a great time, and a wonderful birthday. She was beyond spoiled with gifts and love from family and friends. 

My mom and dad bought her a My Little Pony sleeping bag and pillow, which is now her naptime blanket and pillow at school! So nice for her to get to have her favorite ponies with her at school! She loves it!

Making cookies with mama for her birthday party!

So excited about her Rockin' Royals costume, microphone, and guitar from Grandpa and Shel.

With Hailey in the tent Hailey got her for her birthday! So sweet! How cute are these two?!

Myla and Noelle with their matching Best Friends necklaces that Myla got Noelle for her birthday! So sweet! I loved these growing up! So special.

My practicum went amazing. I worked for a week at a charter school in St. Paul, that you could call inner-city. It was an eye opening, authentic, experience for me that confirmed to me that God has a plan for me; I am meant to be a teacher. I had a wonderful experience, and felt truly connected to my students. I love teaching. I love children. Everything is lining up. 

Joey and I have been doing awesome. Marriages go up and down, and we are definitely on the up. We are seeing a light, finally, after working so hard, saving, and sacrificing. It's been one year since we moved in with Joey's mom and stepdad, deciding that was the best choice for us, in order to save money, and have help as I student teach this spring (aka work for free). Every marriage takes work, and we've worked for our relationship. 

The three loves of my life. I couldn't love anything more than these three.

Joey's doing awesome. He recently went to the doctor and figured out that he has a thyroid problem that would explain why he's been so tired for the past couple years, and it has answered many of our questions about his health, mood, etc. Having answers is so good, plus now we can get him better. It doesn't just help him, but all of us. 

My little Jedi, hehe.

Donuts. Donuts for days.

Halle is something else. She is starting to talk a lot more. Half of the time she's speaking in her own little language, but the other half of the time she is starting to mimic us, and repeat us. She's also been really whiny lately, lol, but that's fine...she's developing her personality and just growing. 

Starting to brush her teeth, now that she has some. She's not into it. LOL

Noelle is enjoying school (we think). She doesn't talk about it much, but she does speak of her friends at school a lot. She is very partial about Evalyn, Kiera and Riley.

Hailey and Noelle being adorable! 

Shopping with mama and cousin Vivi!

 My daycare lovies, Bailey and Ella, waiting with Halle and Noelle for Noelle's bus in the morning! Look how happy they are! Love.

My love.

My other love.

Happy Monday everyone! May your day be short and your coffee strong!

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