November 4, 2015

Post Halloween Weekend Recap

We did plenty of Halloween events before the actual holiday, but here are some pictures from the actual Halloween weekend!

Here's little Doc McStuffins, stuffing her face with popcorn before we head out to Mommy & Me dance class!

 Passing and collecting treats at dance!

Bee, ladybug, Doc, an old lady, and a fairy!

After Halle's mommy and me class, we headed over to Great Grandma Libby's nursing home to trick or treat at their annual trick or treating event. It was sweet! The girls went door to door down the hallways and got candy from the seniors!

This is what a candy headache looks like.

 Saturday morning Noelle got to dress up for dance class, and she went as a Shopkin! LOL. Yes, these costumes exist. Here she is with her best dance buddies, Emma and Charlotte!

 They are adorable! All three of them have danced together since the beginning, and next year they will all be on the competition team together! 

Saturday night - real Halloween!! Noelle was yet another costume...a fairy this time! So that makes 5 different costumes (Cinderella at the Larkin Halloween party, Sofia at the Boo Blast, Snow White at Grandma Libby's, Shopkin at dance, and a fairy for trick or treating)! LOL. Geez louise right? 

Noelle went trick or treating around the block for a bit and then came back and handed out candy with Halle, who was a runner. LOL. She was in a track suit and I wanted her to wear a sweatband, but she wasn't having it. Noelle thought it was so fun to hand out candy! She loved seeing all the different costumes! She also had a blast trick or treating outside for the first time! She and our neighbor Joe (he's in 1st grade) ran together through the yards.

 Then Noelle was SO lucky to get to go out again with her bestie Myla! I was away, out celebrating for Gaotah's 30th birthday, so I wasn't able to witness this in person, but Myla and Noelle got to walk down to Myla's grandmas house together. So sweet. I was so happy to know that Noelle got to see her best friend and trick or treat together on Halloween!


 Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, I was out celebrating Gaotah's 30th birthday with really disgusting Halloween shots. It was gross, and not just looking. LOL. I hate hard alcohol but did indulge a little bit for the occasion! Needless to say I felt my age the next morning. 

Easiest costume ever? Throw on Noelle's Minnie ears from her costume last year and draw on a mouse nose!

Annie as Chef Boyardee. LOL. This girl is such a goof.

 We tried a cool fusion place called The Rabbit Hole. It was so yummy!

 Happy Birthday my love! We've been besties for years now, actually over a decade! Love this girl and so glad to have her to grow with.

 We met up with Jessie and her husband Blake! Love these guys.

 Friends since middle school! 

Hope everyone had a fun, safe, and happy Halloween! Till next year! :)

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