November 16, 2015

How to: Throw An Affordable My Little Pony Party (Free Printables)

Looking back at Noelle's past parties, I cannot believe (1) how much money I spent, and (2) how many people I had invited! Crazy town. This year was our first year having a "small" birthday party at the house instead of renting out a venue/room. We tried to keep it small and as simple as possible. 

So here's the low down:
What: Noelle's 4th Birthday Party
Theme: My Little Pony was the theme requested.
Where: At home, and only really in two rooms; kitchen and living room.
Food: Instead of having the party during a meal time, I opted for an in-between time so I could get away with just serving snacks, cake, and treats.
Number of guests: Only 6 little girls, plus a handful of their moms. A smaller guest list meant less paper products, less food, more money to spend on guests favors, and less stress! It was a fantastic number of guests for a 4 year old party. 

I didn't really splurge on anything - my favorite items were all the ones that I made myself, but I did purchase a few My Little Pony decorations to tie it altogether. I bought the party scene setter, which really set the scene. I used the Happy Birthday banner with some streamers and balloons above.

I added streamers literally everywhere I could to add to the ambiance. I went with only purple, pink, and blue instead of all the rainbow colors to keep it from looking cheesy or over done.

I removed the painting above the couch and put the scene setter up, and replaced our pillows for all of Noelle's stuffed ponies. I tried to use her toys for most of the decor.

I used all her books, dolls, and pony accessories and posters to decorate.

Not only was the Canterlot Castle that she got the night before (on her real birthday) great for setting the scene, but it served as an activity for the kids as well. They loved it!

Her Twilight Sparkle castle was out for play as well!

I got cheap tablecloths from Wal-Mart, a burlap runner from the dollar section at Target to make it look a little cuter, and then used framed pictures of Noelle and printables for the tabletop.

For an activity, the girls played a few rounds of Pony Bingo until everyone had won at least once. In which they could pick from a bag of presents I had for the girls that included pony socks, pony coloring books, pony bracelets, etc. (All $1-3 items from Target.) To get the awesome Pony Bingo game that I used, click here. It includes a master list of the Bingo choices, and 8 different playing cards. (And it's free! Thank you artsy fartsy mama!)

I used Noelle's little white table to set up her Hoof Salon. I got the cute tablecloth on clearance at Party City. All the frames that I used to frame her signs (which I made) were from Target, using a Cartwheel coupon on all house picture frames.

I made all the signs on my computer. I used pony images found simply online (I share them below), put them on colored backgrounds and added text. Print. Done. Super easy, and looked so cute.

Decorate your mane with Rainbow Dash! This was also so easy. We already had hair glitter spray, then I just purchased hair chalk (Wal-Mart in the party section for under $3) and then two cans of hair color spray that was on clearance after Halloween.

Some of the signs I framed, and some I glued on card-stock, hole bunched, and strung with rainbow yarn. Super easy but looks fancy.

I cut out a 4 out of cardboard, taped on her pictures from the last year, and then added a little picture of Twilight at the bottom.

Same thing here...just a cardboard N with pictures!

There's the same tablecloth I used on the Hoof Salon table! The tablecloth was about $2 and I cut it to use on two tables. So awesome. 

I made those clouds from $1 tissue paper at the dollar store. It was unbelievably easy. I just used these instructions I got on pinterest.

It really is as easy as it looks.

I made the table tents from these free templates I found online. (Look below.)  Just add your own text and print!

I also made those "My Little Pony" picks from tags that I had accumulated for the last 4-5 months and toothpicks. Again, so easy.

I also made this sign. I used this chalkboard background below, added the text on it, and added the little picture of the ponies. Print. Frame. Voila. Done!

Easy peasy. I got the (very) affordable cake and cupcakes from Wal-Mart, added a Wilton cake bunting sign ($2) and a brand new pony from the Target check out line. The whole entire thing (cake + sign + pony + candle) cost less than if I had ordered a half sheet cake with a pony design! And it was way cuter!

Rice krispie treats made the night before!

Easy homemade M&M cookies.

Just a pack of the pre-made pumpkin and cream cheese cookie dough that I love!

Cute little printable for decor. (Below I share it.)

The banner I bought from Wal-Mart for under $3, that I (very poorly) tried to write Happy Birthday in pony font, then strung with jute string instead of the white ribbon it came with. 

For other activities, I also had an art station for the girls to decorate goody bags that they could keep to collect their pinata candy, prizes from Bingo, and their favors.

The cutie mark station was pony tattoos! The kids loved it!

What party would it be without mom juice?

I put up pictures of Noelle all over where ever I could since she was the birthday girl.

Heart shaped sandwiches from a cookie cutter. 

I tried to give every snack a pony themed name.

Sun Chips were Pegasus Wings!

Cheddar bugles for Unicorn Horns!

White cheddar popcorn (Noelle's favorite) for Clouds! This was the one thing she really requested on the  menu, lol.

I displayed pictures of Noelle with her friends on one wall. It fits in with the pony theme since "friendship is magic," and it was cute for the guests to see pictures of themselves!

That '4' sign, I made from the same template I used to make her invitation. See below for the template.

For favors we gave each girl a pony coloring book, one Pony blind bag, and a rainbow sucker. 

I tried to make it look polished with a name tag and some more of that rainbow yarn.

I don't know why, I loved this sign. Thought it was so cute, lol.

Yes, I very poorly painted our pumpkins. This is suppose to be Apple Bloom.

The Pinkie Pie pinata!

Tried to also chalk up the sidewalk and driveway with pony themed messages, number 4s, and horse shoes.

Another cute sign for decoration. Find it below.

Which pony are you?

For all the pictures from the party, click here.

Here are all the things I used to make my printables and signs: (To use them, just click on them for them to enlarge, then copy them and save them on your desktop. From here you can print them, or edit them in a editing program.)

Not to take credit for these super cute food tents, because I didn't make these! I added my own font and printed them, glued them on card-stock, etc. but IrelephantDeigns made them! :)

For more super fun and cute My Little Pony party ideas, go to my Pony Board by clicking here!

For other parties I've done, click below to see 
How To:


  1. So awesome, Diana!!! I forgot to tell you how sweet it was to have such incredibly nice favors for all the girls. Thanks for sharing all those images at the end... I better start pinning! :) I have a feeling Myla is going to request a My Little Pony (and just in case she does!) I might use some of those printables. You are one amazing mama!!!

  2. P.S. Turns out I am either 'fluttershy' or 'rarity' depending on if I want to stay home and read or go out on an adventure! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh, this is the jackpot of printables and ideas for My Little Pony party. So excited to make use for my daughter's party next month. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh my goodness! Glad to see these photos from this birthday party. It was truly best DIY party I have ever seen. My own daughter’s birthday is also coming and she would be over moon to have such a great party. But instead of home I would like to book some rental party Venues in NYC.


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