November 13, 2015

Friday Faves: Saddle Up! Everypony's Invited!

Goodness gracious mcgee! I've been extremely busy doing my practicum this week, studying for my final exam (final is on Friday!), and writing a large reflection paper for class so I haven't been able to post! So I'm using my Friday Favorites link up (thanks for hosting, AndreaNarci, and Erika!) as my chance to reflect on my favorite thing that has happened this past week: Noelle's 4th Birthday Party!! Oh man, oh man. I love planning parties and  I've had great ones in the past, but this BY FAR was my FAVORITE party to date!

This being the 5th children's birthday party that I've planned, I'm totally believing that I'm getting better with practice! I'm perfecting my skills, you could say! This was by far the CUTEST party I've done and the most efficient party I've executed! (I make this party planning sound serious don't I? LOL.)

Okay enough about the planning -- that can be seen here. Onto the party!! Here it is, in all it's glory!

The spread!

I LOVED how the dessert table turned out! The clouds and rainbow were my favorite!

Don't laugh at me, (okay go ahead and laugh) but I totally spelled Despicable wrong on her chalkboard print...but I had already printed it out and framed it, so...whatever. Lol. Lazy mom for the win!

The cake was so yummy! I went with chocolate with white buttercream! And of course, cupcakes for the kids because of the ease.

It's funny, I don't like marshmallows, and I don't like rice krispie cereal, but I love rice krispie treats! Yum! I packed the ones leftover from the party for part of my lunch the whole week, lol.

Homemade M&M cookies!

My favorite pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese chips!

Rainbow Dash!

Know Your Ponies! Currently displayed in Noelle's room, lol.

Lucky for me, all of Noelle's friends watch/know My Little Pony, so it wasn't some weird theme for them. Because Noelle LOVES MLP and requested this party for months, I tried to tie in ponies everywhere that I could! It wasn't hard! :) I also tried to do everything kind of "over the top" to make our house a really fun place to be for two hours, since there weren't any other things going on, like a bouncy house, or swimming, etc. This was our first year doing a "small" party at home instead of a large party at a venue. For Noelle's past birthdays we've had anywhere up to 50+ guests, so this year we toned it down A LOT. 

An art station for the girls to decorate their favor bags! They would use these bags later to fill up with treats from the pinata, as well as their favors, and their winnings from Bingo.

Yes, I even color coordinated the crayons. 

To keep myself from going insane, I let Noelle invite her closest friends only - lucky again, Noelle only wanted girls. (Not that she doesn't love her friends who are boys, but she's been in a "girls only" stage.) This was so nice! It made the guest list small, and I kept my anxiety in check by only hosting a 2 hour party that was filled with simple activities that (for the most part) the girls could do on their own. I used the pony theme and created an Art Center, Cutie Mark Station (pony tattoos), Hoof Salon (nails), Mane Decorating (hair), a reading nook, and then hosted a few games of Bingo.

I did not realize how such a simple thing as tattoos, would be such a hit! The kids all left with tattoos on both hands. 

For the moms!

I actually really loved the little reading nook I created. Noelle has A LOT of pony books, and she loves to read, which I wanted to incorporate into her party. This was perfect because Twilight Sparkle (the main pony in the show) also loves to read and study, so I used that theme.

The girls actually spent tons of time just playing with Noelle's pony castles! Which I also expected, because thats what they all love to do when they come over to our house to play anyways!

Pony Bingo was a huge hit. 

I posted a "Friendship is Magic" photo rack to display pictures of Noelle with all her friends. This was cute - I liked that it showed off her friendships, and I think it was kind of special for the guests to see themselves incorporated into her party!

On the door!

Apple Bloom. If things could be painting the face yellow, lol!! It was so ugly, but Noelle loved it. Apple Bloom is one of her and Halle's favorite characters from the show!

No one knows but Noelle had a FIT over this pumpkin. How dare I jus draw the cutie mark and not the whole pony? (Girl, your mama ain't no artist.)

I tried, lol. Pinkie Pie isn't as elaborate.

I bought this like 5 months ago, no joke. It was the only one I could find (besides ordering online, which was more expensive) so in the cart it went! You snooze, you lose!

Yeah, we need to do some work on our yard. No judging!

Noelle was obsessed with this thing. She had me telling her what ALL her friends names were a week before the party. She just thinks the names are hilarious. I think they are magical! Love ponies - they really are the cutest, lol.

Aja and Cheryl enjoying some mom juice!

Sweet Anya!

Suchi, Hilary, and Adalie!

Joey, Paul, Halle, Kristin.

These kids played hard!! They were so thirsty, they were GULPING down boxes of juice!

Halle was really liking Kristin (Hailey's mom). Well, why not? She's the one feeding her, lol.

This is so cute! Noelle's besties! I like how she has her arms/hands on them, like, "These are MY friends." Haha.

Anya and Noelle! How cute. Basically my first baby (my nanny baby) and then my real first baby!

Charlotte and Emma, Noelle's bestest dance friends! They have danced together their "whole lives" (LOL - they are 4, so you know, like 2 years of dance). 

The cutest bunch of girls ever! I love how girly they all are! If they aren't in a dress, they are in oodles of pink. Love it.

Love this picture of the girls! Emma, Charlotte, Anya, Hailey, Noelle, Myla, and Vivi.

Getting those bags ready to fill! Is it Halloween again? Lol, I'm sure the moms were like "oh great, mooore candy..." HAHA. That's why I tried to sneak some other treats in there too that weren't candy. ;)

Noelle was so excited about her pinata! I stuffed that thing so good that when the kids actually "bust" it open, I actually had to reach in there and take the candy out, lol. I guess it didn't help that I filled it with huge bags of pony fruit snacks too. Haha.

Singing happy birthday! Noelle usually doesn't like attention on her, but I think she loved every single aspect of her birthday party! She loved that it was HER birthday, HER house, HER pony party, and HER friends. And that's what matters, because it WAS her day and I wanted her to feel awesome! Especially because the week of her birthday she was so sick, and she had a horrible high fever on her actual birthday!

Halle was there! I couldn't believe it afterwards...I never had anyone take a picture of our family together! Lol. Always something' I tell ya.

Presents!! Because Noelle doesn't have enough toys, right? Haha.

The morning after...coloring pony books with Vivi (she slept over) and Halle. 

Overall, it was so awesome. Noelle had the time of her life! She loved all the decorations so much, she was bouncing off the walls before her friends even came! She shrieked with delight and had to touch EVERYTHING. It was so worth the effort. Then not only that but I had 4 (or maybe 5) girls tell me "This is the best birthday party ever!" That was totally music to my ears! That's all I wanted in the end - happy kids, and that's what we got! The kids were thrilled and all went home with their own pony blind bag, pony coloring book, and treats galore. I hope every guest went home happy as a clam because I know my special little birthday girl had the day of her life!! I don't know how I'll top it next year! :)

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