November 5, 2015


On the eve of my baby's 4th birthday, we sit here next to each other on the couch (well, her lying), and she is terribly, terribly sick. Shes tried all day to lightly play, but is easily exhausted, has a horrible cough, running nose, and sneezes. So sad. I'm praying for a quick recovering since tomorrow is her BIRTHDAY, and Saturday is her friend birthday party. Poor baby. 

Noelle, you are just my sweet, sassy girl. I love you more than you will ever know. You changed my whole life. You gave me the title of "mama," the best thing I've ever been called. I love everything about you, right down to your persistence, stubbornness, and attitude. You are strong willed, smart, and observant. You may only be four, but I am confident you are going places.

I love watching you dance and sing. I also love to watch you read. You are just such an entertainer, without even knowing it. You don't like attention, and are naturally very shy. That is why it's a joy to watch you read out loud, dance, and sing - because you are doing it for yourself and not for an audience. You LOVE to dance. You run around, make up dance moves, and sing songs that you make up on the spot. I love this about you. I also love how you make up stories all on your own when you "read." You are so creative and imaginative. I love listening to you come up with elaborate stories and crazy names for all your toys.

You have an excellent ear. We have to constantly watch what we say around you because YOU HEAR EVERYTHING. You amaze and shock us with what you catch. You've said some fun things this year like:
"Oh, damnit! It's raining again." 
"You are pushing my buttons, mom!"
"Why can't she go home alone?" - in response to Tove Lo's song.
"Daddy's crabby, because he's probably hungry."

You had a lot of firsts year 3:
You went to your first hockey game!
You had your first dance recital!
You went trick or treating outside for the first time.
You started having play dates without mama or daddy with you.
You started preschool!
You started riding the school bus.

You made more friends and really have relationships now. I love to watch you play with your friends. You really care about them, asking about them, requesting to play with them, and telling me things about your friends likes and dislikes. Some of your closest friends that you made this past year were:
Emma, Hailey, and your friendship with Myla really deepened.

You are starting to get to know Evalyn at school, who is your favorite friend there.

Your preferences are still pretty similar to how they were a year ago. You are a very, very clean person. You don't like to get dirty at all. You don't enjoy sand, having your shoes off, dirt, mud, or rain. You love having your hands clean and everything wiped. You are also still a very picky eater. It's almost like the older you get, the less variety you eat. I'm hoping this is a phase.

Your favorite places to be are at home, the cabin, at Myla's house, or at Grandpa Joe's. Your favorite store to shop at is Target.. You talk about going there all the time, but I think it's because of the free cookie. Your favorite restaurant used to be Chiptole, and although you still love it, your favorite now is definitely Perkins. You love their Rainbow Pancakes.

Your favorite shows are Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Sofia, Goldie and Bear, Little Charmers, Dora and Friends, and Doc McStuffins. Your favorite go-to movies that you can watch over and over are Barbie movies (especially Princess and the Popstar, Rock 'N Royals, and The Pink Shoes), The Descendants, My Little Pony Equestria Girls, and anything Disney Princess.

You are a super sweet person who enjoys snuggles, hugs, and kisses. You hold my hand a lot, even just sitting on the couch. You stroke my hand and arm lovingly all the time. It's adorable. You also say loving things like, "You look so cute today, mom" a lot too. Or you will tell me during the day that you miss your dad. We've even called him at work before just so you can say hi. You love your sister Halle a lot too. You fight with her, just like any siblings do, but at the end of the day you love her so much. You are so protective of her, are always watching out for her, and get mad when other people (accidentally) hurt her. Every once in a while I'll find you guys snuggling together, wrestling and giggling, or her sitting in your lap listening to you read her books. You are so warm and sweet, honey. I'm so proud of you for that natural nurturing personality you have.

Thank you God for blessing me with this angel. My first born. The moon and stars to my night sky. I love this little one so much. My heart feels like it could burst from the love.

I love you Noelle Tuyet Mai Wagner.
Happy 4th Birthday, sweetheart.

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