October 20, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesdays! Halloween Costumes

I love Andrea's blog, and Andrea in general, so I have to participate in this month's Show and Tell Tuesday!! And what a fun post this one is, Halloween Costumes! I love Halloween! It's such a fun holiday, full of fun festivities, and a reason to dress up is always fun!! I didn't realize until doing this post, how many Halloween costumes and outfits my girls have! Eek, I might have a problem! lol Let's review shall we?


This was Noelle's first ever Halloween costume! Out little pumpkin! She was almost one years old here. :)

Because we had a variety of Halloween parties/events to go to, she rocked a couple other costumes. Here she is as a Vikings cheerleader!

Testing out a Halloween tutu. :)

 Sporting the tutu and a Halloween shirt and bib.

Pumpkin at Halloween story time at the library!

On actual Halloween day, because it was COLD! She was Tigger -- all nice and warm!


The next year, at almost 2 years old, as Little Red Riding Hood! Oh man was this cute!!!

She also rocked her Halloween pajamas and tutu to the Halloween story time.

Her first time trick or treating!


Noelle (almost 3) as Minnie Mouse and Baby Halle (6 months) as a cow! This was Halle's first Halloween. :)

 Our family at Larkin's Halloween party! 



Of course, rocking her bib and headband! :)

Another day, another Halloween party! (So naturally, another bib and headband, lol.) 

Both girls also had matching Halloween skeleton pajamas last year!

Noelle's Minnie costume was soooo cute. But for whatever reason, on actual Halloween, she wanted to be a princess! Whatever! 

She loves trick of treating at the mall! 

 A Halloween outfit for school!

This year Halle will be dressing up as a minion!! Noelle is undecided. Half the time she wants to be Rainbow Dash, and the other half of the time she wants to be a princess. (She ALWAYS wants to be a princess!) So we will see what she picks!! :)


  1. Your kids are precious! I love Little Red Riding hood!

  2. These are adorable! My daughter had those same skeleton pajamas with the little heart and I just loved them. Wish they still fit!! Happy Halloween!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)


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