October 26, 2015

Halle Bear's 19 Months!

My little lover Halle is 19 months!! Sweet girl is growing so much every day! Her curly locks are getting super long, she has a sorts of preferences and characteristics, and she's so funny and demanding! She has a crazy spirit, attitude, and a mind of her own! I love this little one so much! Here is momarazzi's photo dump for my little babe.

Sweet love playing outside! She just loves the outdoors!! Fall suits her well! She likes sweatshirts and warm cozy outfits, just like her mama!

Look at that crazy hair! That was out of the bath! Her hair is getting so long, and so, so curly. It's a wild mess, and get's tangled super easily. We have to use lots of detangler, and I always need clips/bows/binders/headbands for this one!

Getting lots of love (and abuse) from her big sister!

Halle LOVES minions. Which is adorable. She also loves her paci. Not as adorable, lol. We are going to have big problems taking that thing away!

"Don't take my picture!"

Here she is running around with her detangler, LOL!!

Who me? (Omg. So cute.)

Enjoying a dilly bar on one of our warm October days!

No shirt, no problem.

Grandma got me oversized boy pajamas. Haha.

When I'm not wearing those pajamas, I am carrying them around like a blanket. Oh, and here I am eating oatmeal. I now love oatmeal. 

 I play with my friend Bailey, but she is not allowed to touch my Twilight Sparkle doll, that I am obsessed with. I carry it around like a baby...

I still go to dance. I don't love it. 

Getting dolled up with sissy! Here Noelle is applying body glitter to Halle. Really? My kids. lol

Don't touch my Twilight doll.

Ready for Halloween.

 This face!!! Aggh, I love it!! I could squish her cheeks all day! I love giving her a million kisses a day, and she hates it. lol. She always tells me "no" and tries to get away from me or turns her head. She also BITES! She's bitten me at least 6 times now! She just loves using those teeth now that she finally got some! She has 11.5 teeth now! 

She tried, and loved pho - a traditional Vietnamese soup. Sooo good. Mommy's favorite.


Here she is at our friend Hilary's house, with Baby Adalie. Who she adores!! She loves babies, which is so funny because she's still a baby to me!!

Giving hugs and kisses!

This girl is sweet as honey! I love her sooooo much!!!! xoxoxoxo my Halle baby!!

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